Tenya Japan’s Number One Tempura and Tendon Restaurant

Tenya, the best and most authentic Japanese tendon and tempura restaurant has found its way into the pearl of the orient. Japan is known to have specialty restaurants – they have ramen houses, katsu houses, and others, not like what we have here wherein restaurants serves almost everything. If you ask me, tempura is on the top of my list for Japanese food and I am glad that the best tempura house in Japan is now in the country.

Appetizers won’t disappoint my favorite among the ones served is Agedashi Tofu – fried tofu topped with dashi sauce, radish and ginger. The tofu isn’t toasted like what we do at home, it’s still super soft on the inside and tastes good when dipped in its dashi sauce.

tenya 6

The rest of the guys likes Isobe Cheese which is cheddar cheese wrapped in roasted seawed, and tempura fried. It’s good, but I still like Agedashi Tofu.

tenya 4

You can’t go wrong with fried chicken, Karaage is Japanese version of chicken nuggets, and I like this a lot better than the western version.

tenya 5

The reason why Tenya grew to 140 stores is their tempura, beating the competition which only has less than 10 stores. What’s special about Tenya’s famous tendons is that they are prepared only with authentic Japanese ingredients that are fresh and of top quality.

The Teishoku set is a Japanese set meal classic that consists Japanese rice, potato salad, miso soup, tempura sauce, radish, ginger and pickles. What you have here is the All-star tempura Teishoku which has black tiger prawn, squid, salmon, kani stick, small kakiage, green beans and mushroom.

tenya 3

The Soba or Udon set has high quality soba and udon imported, served with hot or cold udon or soba, Japanese rice, tempura sauce, radish, leeks ginger and noodle soup. The All-star tempura for soba/udon also has black tiger prawn, squid, salmon, kani stick, small kakiage, green beans and mushroom.

tenya 2

There are also tempura rice bowls available if you think the sets are too much for you.

tenya 7

For the kids, they have meals that are served in a cute bento boxes and served with a Yakult. They cars, trains, airplanes, and buses that will make eating enjoyable.

tenya 1

You probably have eaten at Japan’s best ramen houses or tasted different katsu, now it’s time to taste Japan’s number one tempura house – Tenya.tenya

Now, Tenya has officially entered the Philippines’ food scene as it recently opened their first store at the 4th Floor, Building A of SM Megamall with more stores opening soon in Bonifacio Stopover and Market Market at Bonifacio Global City, Taguig and SM Southmall as Tenya begins to rise as the new authentic Japanese food favorite in the country, which uses high quality Japanese ingredients and sushi grade seafood at reasonable prices.

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