The Games We Used to Play

When I was a kid  I was often scolded by my parents for playing outside instead of sleeping during afternoons.  They said it would help me grow faster.  It made them more furious seeing me go home dirty and sweaty.  I was tired but happy.

I was out paying with friends and neighbors. We were playing games that most kids today does not even know exists. We were playing games like patintero, agawan base and siato.  Those games are not in cartridges nor can it be downloaded from the internet.  Those games involves running, jumping and teamwork.  We also played games like tumbang preso, taguan, langit-lupa, monkey-monkey and a lot more. However these games aren’t played in teams, it’s you against everyone else.

It was a fun experience that kids nowadays are missing, thanks to game consoles and the internet.  These games does not only give physical exercise, it also teach them values.  It promotes teamwork, leadership, patience, determination, friendship and to follow rules.

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