The Henry Hotel: Cebu’s Work Of Art

The Henry Hotel: Cebu’s Work Of Art

Cebu has always been one of out tourists top destination and the choice of hotels are endless and one of them is The Henry Hotel. Only 15 minutes away from the airport and within the heart of Cebu. You’ll be surrounded by places to go and restaurants to discover.


The first to greet you is the famous Red Man – blushing all over and smiling while welcoming his guests. No he isn’t Henry. I’d like to think so, but he isn’t.


The lobby defines what you are about to experience, a work of art.



The art displays you see are collections from the owner’s travels, from Europe, North/South America and mostly Asia. It does look and feel weird for a hotel but you’ll love it anyways. The metal wall you see at the upper right photo is a scrap from a huge ship.  The owner does really have a knack for art, turning something worn out to something beautiful.


After talking to the lovely receptionists, you can head on tot he second floor to check out their mini gallery. The stairways has some graffiti painting (I was wanting to add one myself and show innermost talent, lolz).


The gallery displays the famous Volkswagen Beetle. Famous because everyone wanted to have a photo with it. There are also some painting and familiar posters in display. It’s so 50’s.


On the third floor displays a mini library where you can chillax and have your “me time”, Google your way to places to visit in Cebu using their free WiFi.


Now let’s go down again and take  a look at the pool.


The pool is is around 40 meters and is 3 to 6 feet in depth. Surrounded by a garden of flowers and trees with wooden planks that hosts the pool seats.


Now let’s head on to the rooms. One thing is for sure, no rooms are the same. Each room is unique and has a design and style of its own. Each floor also has a theme of its own. Walking your way to your room is like walking inside an art gallery, the display of art is never ending.


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