The Marriott Spirit

Marriott has long been known for being one of the best hotels in the world. Little do they know that they also one of the kindest employees. As part of their employee appreciation week, the housekeeping and laundry team decided to give some love to the boys of Parangarap Foundation instead of celebrating. Pangarap foundation is a non-stock, non-profit social welfare institution working with boys who are in need of special protection as well as their families.

On the way to the location the Marriott employees are given a short briefing for the program to run smoothly and for the boys from the foundation enjoy the day. They have games and entertainment to present.

The employees really exerted effort in preparing for their presentations. They’re not dancers or singers but it was enough to put a smile on the Pangarap Boy’s faces. They boys had their own presentations as their way of giving thanks.

As part of their community out reach they have prepared a nourishing children feeding alongside with free flu vaccination. They brought with them Dr. Macalinao and a nurse from Intellicare.  The kids were brave to take the needle. I, myself am afraid of needles I have to bring my wife along with me every time I need to.

There were also games together with the employees which was really fun. A “kadang-kadang” race where in they run with coconut shells on their feet tied on a string to keep it from sliding off.

The Prizes were given by the director of the Housekeeping Department.

 The Hotel Manager together with her son.

After all the activities everyone can’t wait to eat. They Marriott brought food, drinks and ice cream.

Everyone had a great time, including me. Last time I did something voluntary was building homes at Gawad Kalinga for Habitat for Humanity.  So happy to be able to witness genuine smiles from kids and teens that had lost hope.

The Marriott Spirit is the Spirit to SERVE – Shelter and Food, Environment, Readiness for hotel careers, Vitality of children, Embracing divrsity and people with disabilities.

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