The New Chicha, Chacho’s Tortilla Chips

The New Chicha, Chacho’s Tortilla Chips

There’s going to be a new addiction in town and it’s going to everyone cha-cha their way to retail stores and supermarkets! Chacho’s Tortilla Chips.


It comes in everyone’s favorite flavors, Barbecue and Cheese, with a surprise flavor that I never thought would taste great in tortilla chips, the  Spicy Curry flavor. Although it isn’t as spicy as I expect or wanted it to be, it has the perfect curry taste to eat anywhere and anytime.


Although Chacho’s is already great eaten out of the pack, it is also best paired with your favorite dips. My favorite will be the spicy salsa paired with the Spicy Curry. It satisfies my craving for extra spice.  While you’re at it, might as well join there promo and you win:

  • 1st Prize: 3-pcs Samsung S4 mini 8G – White
  • 2nd Prize: 2-pcs Samsung Galaxy Win 8G – White
  • 3rd Prize: 3-pcs Samsung Galaxy Tab3 – Gold

Just share a photo of you and your barkada enjoying Chacho’s. Deadline of entries is only until Feb 28. View the complete mechanics here – I Choose Chacho’s Promo

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