Three Sisters and a Tummy

The number of restaurants in Kapitolyo continues to grow. They come and go, but there is one restaurant that has stood the test of time. Three Sisters started as a refreshment parlor in 1941. After a month, WWII broke and had them moved to Antipolo for safety, when they came back, everything was burnt down, but it didn’t stop Lola Rosa from pursuing her passion for cooking. They rebuilt her little luncheonette, and the rest, as they say, is history.


Three Sister’s current location is the old house that the owners grew up in. The restaurant was demolished and will be moved to another location in Kapitolyo, it’ll probably be just a few blocks from its original place. The old house was not renovated in any way to make way for the restaurant. They just moved furniture here and there because it will only be temporary. Paul Pike, Lola Rosa’s great grandson remembered going down the staircase from his room in his underwear not knowing that the house was full of guests because they really love her lola’s cooking. He was still very young then so the guests find him cute in his underwear.


What made Three sisters famous is their pansit and pork barbecue. The pansit is just how I like my pansit to be, simple. No twists or pairings, it does not have a lot to offer but it tastes really good.



The pork barbecue was really good too. The secret to its cooking is the way it is cooked, ordinarily a barbecue has chunks of pork on a stick which made mad cooking difficult. It was sometimes uneven, burnt or raw. They found a way to cook it better by cutting it into thin strips and putting it in a stick like an isaw. The flavor is the best example of a pinoy barbecue.

If you like kare-kare, you will definitely fall in love with this pair, just take it easy on the cholesterol.


They’re leche flan is also a must try. It’s texture is what sets it apart, it’s not like gelatin kind of leche flan. It’s thick, creamy and it’s not too sweet. Just right, you got to have it.


Three Sisters made me feel like I was a guest eating a relative’s house, it feels good. I’m a sucker for old houses and architecture. The old furniture, painitngs, and even the carved wooden panels. Aside from the food, I love how I feel when I’m there.

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