TigerNu Anti-Theft T-B3105 Backpack on SALE at Shopee

TigerNu Anti-Theft T-B3105 Backpack on SALE at Shopee

We may not go out as often as we do in the last year, but some of us still have to go to work. Aside from my regular items like my laptop, notebook, chargers, power bank, sunnies, baon, and others, I try to bring as much protection as needed that includes extra face shields, face masks, alcohol, wipes, and many more. With the number of cases rising, bring as much protection as you could if you can’t avoid going out for work.

I invested in a new bag that would fit my pandemic needs. I have a lot of backpacks but most of them are bought because they look good, not much for function. Introducing my new bag from Tigernu, the T-B3105. The name itself sounds very functional – T-B3105. It’s an antitheft laptop backpack that packs a lot of features and pockets.

Bags like this tends to heavy but Tigernu T-B3105 isn’t. It’s lightweight and versatile, giving you room to carry more without heavy lifting. What I like about it is that it’s water-resistant which is useful whenever I sanitize spraying disinfectant and alcohol whenever I go home.

As for safety it has hidden pockets at the back and comes with double-layer zippers. You can also easiy charge your devices with an external USB port so you don’t have to bring out your power bank.

If you are in the market for a functional and safe backpack, check out Tigernu. Visit Tigernu Philippines in Shopee – https://shopee.ph/tigernuphilippines.

The Tigernu T-B3105 has great reviews on Shopee and currently on sale 71% OFF, from PHP 3,601 to PHP 1,044 check it out at https://shopee.ph/Tigernu-T-B3105usb-15.6-Anti-Theft-Laptop-Backpack-with-Lock-i.47107459.826573883. Download the Shopee app for free from the App Store or Google Play