Anthony Bourdain and Suddenly Royal this January on TLC

Explore exotic global destinations through Anthony Bourdain’s unique lens in Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown 5. The one-hour weekend lifestyle series follows world-renowned chef, bestselling author and multiple-Emmy® winning television personality Anthony Bourdain as he travels across the globe to uncover little-known areas of the world and celebrate diverse cultures by exploring food and dining rituals. Known for his curiosity, candor and ascerbic wit, Bourdain takes viewers off the beaten path of tourist destinations, including some war-torn parts of the world, meeting with a variety of local citizens to offer a window into their lifestyles, and occasionally communing with an internationally-lauded chef on his journeys. Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown 5 premieres on Tuesday, January 12, at 9 PM.

Anthony Bourdain Parts Unknown Season 5


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Meanwhile, David Howe may seem like an average American, but he’s discovered a startling secret. He’s an heir to the throne of the Isle of Man, a descendant of its king before the land was claimed by the British Crown. For centuries now, this little island between the U.K. and Ireland has recognized no king, but that’s all about to change! David has convinced his wife Pam and twelve-year-old daughter Grace to move to the island and discover what it really means to be royalty. The all-new series, Suddenly Royal, premieres on Wednesday, January 27, at 11 PM.

David Drew and Pam Howe pose before the bathtub races begin.
David Drew and Pam Howe pose before the bathtub races begin.


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