Tokyo Tonteki is Now in Greenbelt

There is more to Japanese cuisine than ramen, sushi, tempura, and meat isn’t always breaded like katsu. I’ve recently discovered a new taste, a different side of Japanese cuisine at Tokyo Tonteki.

Tokyo Tonteki was first opened at UP Town Center and it is from the same group that brought in Chili’s, Super Bowl of China, and Nanbantei of Tokyo. Tokyo Tonteki found a new home at Greenbelt 5.


Stir Fried Japanese Mushrooms. An earthy mix of Eringi, Enoki, Shimeji brown premium mushroom sauteed in butter a select Japanese seasoning topped with smoked Japanese fish flakes. The fish flakes are new to me, it’s like eating smoked fish flavored onion skin. It feels weird, because it’s like moving as it is alive when served. It tastes good though.

Tonteki 1

Special Fried Rice with Egg is a meal on its own. I can just have this alone and I’m good. The rice is sauteed in garlic, chili, premium Japanese shortening, select spices and seasoning, and topped with toasted garlic chips. spring onions, and egg.

Tonteki 2

For the Tonteki Sets, the Regular Tonteki Set is comprised of thick and tender pork loin cuts served with the signature Tonteki sauce and topped with garlic chips. Each set includes bean sprouts, shredded cabbage, pickled cucumber, steamed Japanese rice and pork miso soup. Extra refills of these side dishes are free.

 “What makes us unique is that our pork loin steak is not breaded. What you get is a piece of thick, tender and tasty tonteki, with fresh sides and sauces made from scratch,” said Laine de Jesus-Vallar, senior marketing manager of Tokyo Tonteki.

The Large Tonteki Steak is made from a thick high-grade pork loin steak and cooked so tender using a unique low temperature coooking technique to keep it tender and at the same time locking the natural juices in the meat.  Then it’s Tontekified using aged fruits, vegetables, and secret Japanese spices and seasonings.

Tonteki 4

Tonburg (Tonteki Burger) is made with 100% premium ground pork with diced onion cooked the Tonteki way.

Tonteki 3

Chicken Steak. A serving of tender and plump boneless chicken leg cooked using Tokyo Tonteki’s unique low temperature cooking technique, doused with our original signature savory sweet onion steak sauce. Served shredded cabbage,

Tonteki 5

Spring Roll of Prosciutto, Avocado, and Onsen Egg. Premium Italian Prosciutto slice, wrapped avocado and cream, Japanese onsen egg enclosed in a transparent rice wrap on a bed of chili mayonnaise and topped with fresh alfalfa sprouts. The texture is creamy because of the egg and the avocado. I believe this is a well-presented salad type of dish, and it is worth trying.

Tonteki 6

The desserts – Chocolate Pudding with Whipped Cream and Crème Brulee.

Tonteki 7


Tokyo Tonteki is located at the 2nd Level Greenbelt 5 and at the G/F UP Town Center, Katipunan.

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Twitter – @TokyoTontekiPH
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