uHoo Aura Secures RESET™ Accreditation

uHoo Aura Secures RESET™ Accreditation

uHoo, a Philippine climate-tech startup well known for developing smart and advanced indoor environmental monitoring and risk management technologies is delighted to announce that the uHoo Aura air quality monitor has been certified by RESET™ as a RESET Air Accredited Grade B monitor and uHoo’s software as a RESET Accredited Data Provider! This puts uHoo’s technology as one of the best, if not the best, technology in this domain, globally.

Regenerative Ecological, Social, and Economic Targets or RESET™ is a globally acknowledged set of standards that focus on data quality and data transparency with the purpose of helping built environments become healthy and sustainable. It is the world’s first certification program that is sensor-based and performance-driven. Unlike other building standards, RESET™ was designed with a clear understanding of the importance of air quality and why it needs to be monitored throughout a building’s entire operations. 

Monitoring indoor air quality (IAQ) helps track changes in the air due to various factors including the number of people inside the building, the activities that these people perform, the materials and equipment that have been used in the construction, as well as the equipment and machines used inside offices and buildings, to name a few. When RESET Air Accredited monitors are uninstalled from a property, or the IAQ falls below the RESET™ standard, a building’s or office’s RESET™ certification will be withdrawn.

RESET™ categorizes its accredited indoor air quality monitors as Grade A (Reference), Grade B (Commercial), and Grade C (Consumer). For commercial projects, there are two levels of performance when achieving RESET™ certification – the Acceptable targets and High-Performance targets.

According to RESET™, Acceptable targets are requisite; all projects must meet the defined limits. High-Performance targets are listed as a reference for projects striving for more rigorous IAQ goals and/or for projects located in regions where ambient outdoor air quality levels typically stay within recommended health limits.