Vit-D Found To Offset Possible Dangers of ‘Poor’ Eating

With the New Year comes the opportunity to start getting ourselves together to work towards a healthier lifestyle. However, keeping with this resolution may prove challenging with the year-round presence of sinfully delicious food which accounts for rapidly increasing incidents of cardiovascular diseases.

People might have overlooked their splurge during the holidays, but studies show that a single meal composed mainly of saturated fats is detrimental to the health of one’s arteries. An accumulation of overindulgence in these, increases the cholesterol level and/or blood pressure in the body that eventually makes it difficult for blood to flow through the arteries, thus upping the chance of a blockage occurring sooner than people might think.

To avoid or lessen the probability of heart attacks, people are advised to keep their cholesterol level under control at all times. One way of helping ensure this is by maintaining a healthy level of Vitamin D in the body. In the study, Does vitamin d deficiency cause hypertension? Current evidence from clinical studies and potential mechanisms (2009), it was revealed that having higher levels of the said vitamin, reduces levels of “bad” cholesterol, supporting the claim that being Vitamin D-deficient increases the risk of developing cardiovascular diseases.

The study also shows that controlling cholesterol in the body is just one of the many benefits of having adequate levels of Vitamin D. However, maintaining sufficient Vitamin D levels may be rather difficult. The body primarily sources Vitamin D through sun exposure, but people’s increasingly indoor lifestyles make it hard for one to get enough sun.

In this regard, medical experts are highly recommending a daily supplement of this sunshine vitamin to help prevent the development of cardiovascular diseases. They also suggested taking the Vitamin D3 type of supplement because it is naturally occurring and easy for the body to process, making it the safer and preferred choice of Vitamin D supplement.

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