Nap Time is Quality Time with Uratex

Nap Time is Quality Time with Uratex

Sleep is essential to all, regardless of age, and a good rest is vital especially for a family. Parents needs sleep to be productive, kids have school and social challenges to deal with, and older brothers and/or sisters had work deadlines, love life and other commitments to deal with. The better the sleep the better their day will be.

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Uratex recently hosted an event Uratex My Home Event: Unique Sleep Solutions To Help Each Family Member To Recharge to give emphasis to the importance of a good night sleep. A quality good night’s sleep on one of Uratex’s mattresses or its variations can help dad become more motivated, mom more energetic, and the kids less stressed and yet still enthused and excited about life.

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Innovations such as the “Quali-5 Cellular Technology” make sure that the Uratex foams produced by the company are of high and world-class quality.  The Quali-5 Cellular Technology shows the company’s strong adherence to quality; its quality assurance through its ISO-9001 certified facilities; world-class equipment; superior formulation and process engineering technology; and usage of best raw materials. This feature is present in Uratex’s Hapton Collection – Royale, Prestige, Mystique, Premiere, and Elite.

And there’s the Airlite for those who want a cooler sleeping environment.

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At the event, some attendees had a chance to be analyzed to find out which type of bed suites their body.

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Team Kramer was also present at the event and they shared how important family bonding is. They have their own bed made because that’s how they value their bed time. It’s the size of a two queen-sized bed combined. They have lots of room to play around with the kids and sleeping space is adequate for the whole family.

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Uratex belives that the family who sleeps and takes a good sleep is happier, healthier, and does more bonding activities.

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