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Urban dwellers usually spend another hour or two, from and to their homes to Makati. Makati, a place where people spend 8 hours of their time on their office desks working. It’s a vicious cycle and it hurts, literally. Imagine the pain your body gets from sitting or standing for more than 8 hours, the stress you get from analysing numbers and situations while glued in front of a computer screen. What you need is a break, an urban break.

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urban break by: Le Blanc Day Spa is situated right within the heart of the busiest city, Makati. It was opened just recently to bring back the work-life balance back in the central business district.

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As you walk in, you will be taken to a far away place that you never thought exists in the central business district. A paradise found hidden beneath the tall buildings and across the sea of rushing vehicles. Those cozy couches you don’t see at the office complimented by relaxing music and the peaceful scent of nature is just a few minutes away from the office.

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A variety of services is offered provided by experienced therapists and nail experts giving you a break from your urban stress and worries. If you can’t help it and you need to check your emails, free WiFi is provided. But I bet you’ll won’t bother when you’re already getting pampered.

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You should try their Le Blanc Exclusive Massage, a choice between a 60 minute combination massage or  feel the heat penetrate your muscles with their heat pack integrated massage which takes about 90 minutes. A better way to enjoy it is with your partner or love one, an exclusive massage for those exclusively dating. Have conversations over a cup of herbal teas and enjoy your time together.

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urban break by Le Blanc Day Spa promises not to break your wallets with their affordable packages and rates, they don’t want you to bring the stress back after paying.

For more information about their services, follow their twitter @LeBlancDaySpa and like their facebook page LeBlancDaySpa. You can also reach them at (632)8930759/ (0917)5049967.




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