50% OFF on Wafu’s Teppanyaki Sit-Down Omakase Buffet

50% OFF on Wafu’s Teppanyaki Sit-Down Omakase Buffet

Wafu in Greeenhills offers full and authentic Japanese dining experience with synergy of modern and traditional Japanese dishes.

Wafu Greenhills
Sushi Bar
Wafu Greenhills
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Wafu Greenhills
Teppanyaki Station

Teppanyaki refers to dishes cooked using an iron plate, in this case it’s an iron table. The Teppanyaki Sit-Down Buffet is a 12 course buffet cooked right in front you so be very careful not to touch the hot surface, or get your self burned when the chef demonstrates his love for fire.

The Teppanyaki Sit-Down Buffet is cooked and served in a particular order for some reason (taste probably). The dishes you’ll see below isn’t the right order. The buffet also comes with a drink of your choice (orange or mango juice) and rice.

First on the list is the Miso Soup and Wafu House Salad (onion dressing, crispy slam on skin) Tofu Steak with special savory sauce.

Wafu Greenhills

Then I present the  meat group starting with Hard Seared Sous Vide Chicken (teriyaki sauce), US Hanger Steak (with shimmies mushrooms and wasabi pepper sauce),  US Tenderloin (saikoro style)

Wafu Greenhills (29 of 70)

The fishes were the finest you’ll on a plate, starting with Blue Marlin (wasabi mayo), Grilled Salmon (spinach with sauce ana) and Japanese Sea Bass (house made mango onion salsa). I had to admit that I love the wasabi mayo they have with the blue marlin.

Wafu Greenhills (46 of 70)

The last batch of dishes are Ebi TempuraWafu Ice CreamSushi Sampler I accidentally deleted the Sushi Sampler photo so I just added Myke’s photo, he’s just as yummy as the sampler, right Myke?

Wafu Greenhills (53 of 70)

After tasting all 12 courses, you will then be asked which ones you want to have again, as many and as much as you want. To be honest I was already full at the 8th dish and I just to taste the rest of them. It is that heavy on the tummy, I didn’t bother getting another set.

The Teppanyaki Sit-Down Buffet price is cut down to 50%, from Php1,800.00 down to Php900.00 plus service charge so it’s going to be around Php1,000.00 per head. Teppanyaki Sit-Down Buffet is available from 6pm and 8pm only and promo ends December 29 so you better make your reservations.

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