Wine Nights, Wine Not? – Blanc Plate at Wine Store Manila

Wine Nights, Wine Not? – Blanc Plate at Wine Store Manila

As Filipinos, drinking wine isn’t new to us. Aside from consuming bottles of different wines on during the holiday season, there are also a couple of wine bars in the metro as well. But what keeps wine from becoming a staple is the thought that it’s exclusive.

I get it. It’s intimidating, especially when you don’t know much about wines and you get asked which one you prefer at a bar. It’s always either red or white to me, by the way. Wine Store Manila, a neighborhood bar and store in Maginhawa St., Quezon City doesn’t feel that way.

Recently, I got a chance to be invited to their wine tasting event, Blanc Plate. It’s an intimate gathering spearheaded by Wine Store Manila that welcomes everyone to a casual exploration of wine. No gatekeeping, just enjoying bottles of wine with friends.

We don’t preach about wine,” explains Mike Cairo, WSM’s Managing Partner. “Our goal is to break down barriers and make excellent wines enjoyable for everyone.

Seated at the table was Nathalie Miara, Managing Director at Les Châteaux de Bordeaux, who entertained guests’ curiosity about the world of Bordeaux wines. In the 12-seat private dining area, Ms. Miara presented a curated selection of labels, highlighting the unique characteristics of this renowned region.

Bordeaux, situated in southwestern France, boasts a rich history of winemaking dating back centuries. Renowned for its prestigious vineyards, diverse terroir, and traditions, the region produces some of the world’s most coveted and celebrated wines.

WSM’s Managing Partner and Chef, Chester Velas, and Kervin de la Cruz masterfully paired the featured wines with a delectable four-course meal.

Starting with a refreshing Tuna Tartlet with Pear Salad, followed by a creamy Roasted Carrot Veloute with Crispy Shrimp.

The main course, a classic Beef Bourguignon with Green Beans and Pomme Puree, provided a delightful contrast. To conclude the evening, a selection of fruits, chocolate, charcuterie, and gourmet cheeses perfectly complemented the final glasses of wine.

Blanc Plate exemplifies Wine Store Manila’s commitment to dismantling the elitism surrounding wine. Through intimate events like this, they create a welcoming environment where guests can develop their palates and discover the joy of exploring wines from around the world.