Woo Galbi Korean House Is Now Open

Woo Galbi Korean House Is Now Open

After getting a taste of what is to come a few months ago, Woo Galbi has officially opened at Shangri La Mall’s East Wing. The restaurant was actually close to what I have imagined – spacious, dim lights, wooden fixtures and a friendly staff.

July 11-20

July 11-22

July 11-23

I won’t be featuring much of the food as I have already featured most of them HERE. But here are a few that were new to me.

The Table Top Bulgogi is something  you may want to taste and experience. It’ll take around 10 mins until it’s ready for consumption.

July 11-38

The Tteok-Galbi Sliders is Korea’s version of a hamburger. You won’t the usual lettuce, tomato and ketchup but you’ll have pickles and radish covered on grilled buns. The beef patty is kinda sweet giving the whole burger a light sweet-sour taste.

July 11-31

Already craving? Here’s a treat  for you satisfy your Korean craving, Woo Galbi Korean House offers P1,000 Worth Korean Goodness for only P600 at Deal Grocer.


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