Woo Galbi is Korean Invasion at Its Best

Woo Galbi is Korean Invasion at Its Best

You may not like K-Pop but you’re surely love this type of Korean invasion.  The attack of the Korean restaurants. With the growing population of Koreans here in the Philippines, the long list of Korean restaurants keeps on piling up, you’ll see them almost everywhere. Woo Galbi is something to watch out for.

Woo Galbi is soon to open at Shangri La Plaza Mall‘s new wing. Here’s what you should prepare yourself for. I chose to use the English names on the dishes as the Korean name would be hard to pronounce an understand.

Starting with the Spinach Salad nicely rolled in to ball of green goodness.

Watermarked - Woo Galbi-11

The Seafood Pancake and the Kimchi Pancake.

Watermarked - Woo Galbi-3

I am not a big fan of K-Pop but I love watching Girls Generation in the same level that I love eating these next lists of Korean dishes. If I were to form a group of food Korean food to form the Girls Generation, I’ll put them on the list. Here they are:

Eel Cream Cheese Roll

Watermarked - Woo Galbi-15

Spicy Soft Shell Crab Roll

Watermarked - Woo Galbi-22

Prawn Roll

Watermarked - Woo Galbi-7

Boiled Crab Roll

Watermarked - Woo Galbi-6

Futo Maki or the Crab Meat Roll

Watermarked - Woo Galbi-5

Beef Taretare –  is raw Angus beef topped with quail egg. Everything you see there is raw but not to worry of course, this has been carefully prepared and taste OK to me.

Watermarked - Woo Galbi-4

I just forgot the name of this dish but its definitely a founding member of my Girls Generation dishes.

Watermarked - Woo Galbi-9

I’m a newbie with Korean cuisine. All I know and ever tasted is the Kimchi plus the Jampong instant noodles (I know, it’s not counted).  But what I learned form the first batch of dishes that was served is that Korean cuisine is like K-Pop. The way it’s cooked, the ingredients, the dips and sauces, you won’t understand any of it, but you will definitely love them.

Now I present the next batch of Korean dishes from Woo Galbi.

Spicy Sauteed Shrimp. It’s a favorite as it has the perfect level of spiciness for me and it cooked  just right. Just think of Jinri Park, perfect right?

Woo Galbi-22

Grilled Squid

Watermarked - Woo Galbi-21

Grilled Beef with rice

Watermarked - Woo Galbi-19

Grilled Pork with rice

Watermarked - Woo Galbi-18

Grilled Chicken served with lettuce. The to eat it is that you wrap the chicken with the lettuce.

Watermarked - Woo Galbi-17

The last batch are the soup based dishes, starting with the Army Soup which was developed during the Korean war because of lack of food supply. If this is what they eat during the war, I declare war!

Watermarked - Woo Galbi-13

Next in line is the Tofu Soup. As you can see, it’s not just tofu.

Watermarked - Woo Galbi-16

Seafood Soup. Present in the bowl is a Red Snapper fish, big chunks squids, huge shrimps and tofu. The perfect seafood bowl.

Watermarked - Woo Galbi-10

All of the Korean soup served are spicy except for one, the Beef Stew. Its sweet and has big chunks for perfectly cooked beef.  What you see on top isn’t noodles, it’s actually egg strips ( if I remember it right). It’s just the right alternative you need from all the spice you ate.

Watermarked - Woo Galbi-14

I can’t wait to see how the restaurant would look like or what the servers would look like (I hope they’re Jinri Park-ish, LOL). Let’s wait and see this April.

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