Woo Galbi Proves That Korean Food Is Also Worth Global Attention

Woo Galbi Proves That Korean Food Is Also Worth Global Attention

If you’re looking for a place to eat at Shangri-La Plaza, East Wing, Woo Galbi Korean House is one dining place you shouldn’t skip. Although Shangri-La, East Wing is packed with restaurants, Woo Galbi Korean  House does not fail to stand out.

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It’s interior is a fusion of modern and traditional look and feel, it’s like transporting you from Shangri-La East Wing to another place. The wall art added colors to its earthly theme, and the orbs gave additional attraction.

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Woo Galbi Korean house has been featured in my blog twice already. The first was a taste of what it is to expect at Woo Galbi since it has not opened yet – Woo Galbi is Korean Invasion at Its Best, and second was when we just dropped by to check out the newly opened place and try out their Deal Grocer promo – Woo Galbi Korean House Is Now Open.

What makes Woo Galbi worth revisiting?

Let start with Banchan, a collection of taste to tickle your palettes. Each Banchan serving will ignite your appetite with  sweet,sour, bitter, spicy, and salty taste to prepare you for the meals ahead.

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Woo’s House Salad it’s mesclun greens (a mixture of salad leaves which includes lettuce and arugula) served with apples, onion dressing. Wonton is mainly used to wrap dumplings, but is served crisp in Woo’s House Salad.

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Tofu Steak is in my list of what to eat at Woo Galbi. My love for tofu has been just leveled up with the combination of the sweet, thick sauce and huge chunks of pan fried tofu.

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Beef Belly Wrap are thin slices of beef belly grilled with veggies and wrapped with soft tortilla. It may look like shawarma but it’s far from it. It’s healthier and tastier, plus you don’t have to worry about bad having onion+garlic breath.

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Haemul Pa Jeon scallion pancake with seafood. There’s shrimp, fish, and I think I tasted some squid in there too. Don’t forget to dip it in it’s sauce, it taste better with it.

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Now let’s keep the plates rolling with Woo Galbi’s rollls, starting with the Woo Galbi Roll which comes with snapper tempura, crabmeat, and mangoes topped with barbecue eel, avocado and tenkasu  and the Blue Torch Salmon Rolls.

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What I would add on my personal list is the Spicy Deep Fried California Rolls, they’re not just pleasing to the eyes, the twist given applied to it gave it a punch. The crispy rice rolls are just delicious.

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If you can’t get enough of rice, you can choose from red and white rice for your Bibimbap. The Jeyuk Bibimbap or spicy pork and red rice, and the Bulgogi Beef Bibimbap.

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Another rice treat is the Bulgogi Short Ribs Grilled. It also comes with Ssam wraps in case you’re on a rice diet. Just wrap the beef and veggies in lettuce then dip it in whatever sauce you like. Add rice in the wrap if you feel like it, it’s good however you do it.

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Can’t get enough of meat? Maybe the All Beef Platter can satisfy your craving for tender and tasty meat. It comes with short ribs (bone-in), short ribs bone less, hanging tenders. They’re all cooked just right, enough to extract the flavor and make it tender to chew. The sauce has a sweet flavor, reminds of the sauce from the tofu steak. This one also makes it to my list.

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To warm you up during the cold weather, or if you are just in to soup or ramyeon, check out these bowls.

Galbi Tang is a short ribs in clear soup.

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Sundubu Jjigae is a hot and spicy Korean stew with tofu as it’s main ingredient. It also comes with seafood (oysters, mussels, clams, squid and shrimp) for additional flavor. It’s not as spicy as you expect it to be, the reddish color from the chili powder doesn’t do much. This one’s on my list too.

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Ramyeon, Korea’s version of ramen. It comes in Dak(chicken), Ojing-o(squid), and Jeyuk(pork). Woo Galbi offers unlimited bowls of these ramyeon from 2-5pm only (Monday – Saturday) for a limited time only. Filling the need for warm soup during the rainy days.

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Woo Galbi just demonstrated that Korea is more than just KPop and Korea Novelas. It proves that Korean food is also worth global attention.

Store location: Level 6, East Wing Shangri-La Plaza
Email: woogalbi1@gmail.com
Tel. No: +632 655-0558
Social Media: Facebook: Woo Galbi | Twitter & Instagram: @WooGalbi

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