Ginebra San Miguel Celebrates World Gin Day!

Ginebra San Miguel Celebrates World Gin Day!

Get ready to immerse yourself in a world of gin-filled excitement because Ginebra San Miguel Inc. (GSMI), the genius behind the world’s number one-selling gin, is turning up the fun this year in a “cool, clear, and versatile” way. We’re thrilled to announce that June is officially World Gin Month, and we’re kicking off the celebrations with a bang!

GSMI takes pride in spearheading the global celebration of World Gin Day here in the Philippines. We were the trailblazers, bringing the first-ever WGD festivities to the Asia Pacific region back in 2014. That year marked the remarkable 180th anniversary of our flagship brand, Ginebra San Miguel. And since then, gin enthusiasts all over the country eagerly anticipate our month-long series of events. It’s our way of honouring gin’s enduring influence on our drinking culture and its special place in celebrations, fiestas, gatherings, and even everyday victories.

Joining gin lovers worldwide, we’re excited to celebrate World Gin Day and create a greater appreciation for gin among Filipinos. We want everyone to know about gin’s outstanding qualities – a drink that’s effortlessly “Cool, Clear, and Versatile,”!

To celebrate the spirit of gin, we’re thrilled to introduce three fantastic personalities who perfectly embody these unique qualities. Meet Zanjoe Marudo, the embodiment of “Cool.”

Alam niyo kung anong totoong COOL sakin? Yung pagiging kalmado ko (You know what’s truly cool for me? It is my being calm),

He loves the cool and refreshing gin experience, and his go-to choice is none other than the timeless favourite, Ginebra San Miguel. Zanjoe has been even a fan of it during his younger years in Batangas.

Next up, we have Basel Manadil, widely known as “The Hungry Syrian,” who represents the “Clear” nature of gin. He chooses GSM Premium Gin, a distilled gin made with natural ingredients and fine botanicals. Basel encourages everyone to always be clear with their intentions, no matter where life takes them.

And last but not least, we have the incredibly versatile Herlene “Hipon Girl” Budol. Just like her favourite gin, she’s a true embodiment of versatility. Herlene’s ability to transform herself from a comedian to a serious pageant contender is nothing short of remarkable. In life, she believes that being versatile is key – if you’re good at one thing, you can be good at anything!

These three amazing individuals – Zanjoe, Basel, and Herlene – will not only grace our World Gin Day celebration but also join us throughout the “Gin Is In” festivities in June. Their vibrant personalities and love for gin perfectly align with our mission to make this a month filled with unforgettable moments.

We are proud to say that they truly embody the best qualities of gin: Zanjoe is ‘Cool like Gin Is In.’ Basel is ‘Clear like Gin Is In,’ and Herlene is ‘Versatile like Gin Is In,’” Molina added.

But that’s not all! We’re also excited to showcase the exceptional talents of three mixologists who graduated from the Ginebra San Miguel Bar Academy. The academy, in partnership with TESDA, provides Filipinos with an opportunity to change their lives through education in bartending, flairtending, and basic entrepreneurship.

Three graduates from the Ginebra San Miguel Bar Academy, Jhyrus Denver A. Domingo, Angela Felarca, and JP Peñaflor showcased their mixology skills in a friendly competition during the event. The academy will be a recipient of the prestigious International CSR Excellence Award, to be formally awarded on June 16 in London, UK.

Part of the WGD celebration will be the launch of the second season of G-MIX Nation Online Series, hosted by Luis Manzano, which will be shown for the first time and will feature new cocktail recipes. Alongside is the Home Bar Kit that features Ginebra products and tools for mixing different kinds of cocktails, which is sold online and at select supermarkets.

Check out last year’s mixes and tips at G-Mix YouTube channel: