ZTE Showcases Cutting-Edge Tech at MWC 2024: Driving Efficiency, Sustainability, & Intelligence

ZTE Showcases Cutting-Edge Tech at MWC 2024: Driving Efficiency, Sustainability, & Intelligence

ZTE Corporation, a global leader in information and communication technology (ICT) solutions, is showcasing a comprehensive array of innovative products and solutions at MWC 2024 in Barcelona, Spain. Under the theme “Unfolding the Intelligent Future,” ZTE highlights its commitment to driving ultra-efficiency, sustainability, and intelligence across the ICT landscape.

Building a Green & Efficient Future:

  • Ultra-Efficient Infrastructure: ZTE unveils the UniSite, a simplified radio solution, and next-generation network technologies for energy-saving and efficient network operations.
  • Green & Low-Carbon Solutions: Discover ZTE’s comprehensive green initiatives, including low-carbon network practices and intelligent energy management solutions.
  • High-Performance Computing: Explore ZTE’s diverse computing infrastructure featuring servers, storage, and liquid-cooled data centers for various computing needs.

Unlocking Digital Intelligence:

  • uSmartNet: Experience ZTE’s AI-powered autonomous network solution that leverages digital twins and big data for intelligent network management.
  • 5G-A Expansion: Discover ZTE’s vision for 5G-A, showcasing advancements in network architecture and applications like millimeter-wave backhaul, XR experiences, and V2X autonomous driving.
  • Smart Industry Solutions: Explore ZTE’s DigitalNebula platform and industry-specific large models driving efficiency in smart factories and other industrial applications.

Revolutionizing Smart Living:

  • ZTE Mobile Devices: Witness ZTE’s commitment to “Better for All” with its Full-Scenario Intelligent Ecosystem 3.0 featuring innovative smart devices and multi-terminal interconnection.
  • nubia Pad 3D II: Experience the world’s first 5G+AI 3D tablet with real-time 2D to 3D conversion technology.
  • ZTE & nubia Smartphones: Discover a range of new smartphones focusing on photography, music, gaming, and the world’s first flip phone with 5G – the nubia Flip 5G.

Beyond the Exhibition:

ZTE will also host product launch conferences and participate in industry discussions during MWC 2024. They will unveil their insights on navigating the digital future with sustainability, efficiency, and intelligence at the forefront.

Visit ZTE at MWC 2024 (Hall 3, Fira Gran Via, Booth 3F30) to explore their latest innovations and their vision for shaping the intelligent future.