Despite the Philippines’ digital push in finance, a significant gap exists for young Filipinos seeking credit products. While 94% of Gen Zs value credit for achieving financial goals, only 35% have access, according to a recent TransUnion study.

Traditional financial services are frustratingly complex and lack transparency,” says Danielle Cojuangco Abraham, co-founder. “Only 8% of Filipinos own a credit card due to the difficulty of obtaining one, especially without a credit history.”

Cumbersome applications, excessive paperwork, and arbitrary approval methods disproportionately impact young people. Even those approved face high interest rates, hidden fees, and a poor customer experience. These challenges fueled the creation of Zed, the first credit card built specifically for young Filipino professionals.

Revolutionizing Credit with Technology

Founded by Stanford engineers and Y-Combinator alumni, Zed is a BSP-regulated neobank. Their debut offering is a Mastercard Titanium credit card with zero interest, no foreign transaction fees, and no annual fees. This, coupled with a user-friendly app, makes Zed ideal for everyday spending, travel, and more.

As a tech-driven company, we avoid costly overhead like physical branches,” explains Steve Abraham, co-founder. “These savings translate to no fees for our customers, exceptional service, and a core value of our success being tied to theirs.”


Their proprietary platform eliminates traditional banking hassles, offers industry-first features, and provides a fair cost structure that benefits both Zed and its customers. This resonated with Filipinos, with their waitlist reaching nearly 25,000 sign-ups in just three weeks.

Zed: Designed for the Gen Z Lifestyle

Beyond the absence of fees and interest, the Zed card boasts a robust app with real-time transaction tracking, spending limit control, and in-app card freezing for security. User privacy is paramount, with unlimited virtual cards to avoid exposing primary card details. Zed offers zero liability protection and ensures customers never pay for unauthorized charges.

Paying bills is effortless with the app. Users can generate an InstaPay QR code for instant settlements from any bank app or e-wallet, guaranteeing on-time payments. The streamlined application process allows for quick card approval within minutes, eliminating paperwork and branch visits.

Credit limits are determined by income potential, not just credit scores, making Zed accessible to young professionals with limited credit history but strong earning prospects.

“We’re redefining what a credit card can be,” says Danielle. “Zed offers smarter underwriting, innovative features, zero fees, and a revenue model that thrives on customer success, not their debt.”

Join the revolution and take control of your financial future. Visit to learn more and join the waitlist.