ZTE Day Philippines 2024: Unfolding the Intelligent Future with Cutting-Edge ICT Solutions

ZTE Day Philippines 2024: Unfolding the Intelligent Future with Cutting-Edge ICT Solutions

ZTE Corporation, a leading global provider of information and communication technology (ICT) solutions, successfully held its annual ZTE Day exhibition in the Philippines. The event, themed “Unfolding the Intelligent Future,” showcased a wide range of cutting-edge ICT products and solutions, including 5G wireless technology, transmission solutions, fixed networks, maintenance solutions, and terminals.

Strengthening Partnerships and Shaping the Future

Mr. Huang Lisheng, Chief Marketing Officer of ZTE Southeast Asia MKT Department, emphasized the company’s continued collaboration with Philippine telecommunications operators. This collaboration focuses on building robust ICT infrastructure and expanding the use cases of digital intelligence. ZTE remains dedicated to providing Filipino users with a superior network experience.

Investing in Innovation and Maintaining Leadership

Mr. Lisheng also reaffirmed ZTE’s commitment to continuous innovation through high-intensity research and development investments in “connectivity and computing power” technologies. This dedication allows them to develop advanced core technologies and maintain a competitive edge.

Exploring Global Technology Trends

The event featured sessions on various global technology trends including:

  • Superior RAN efficiency
  • Terabit-era transport networks
  • FTTx evolution
  • Comprehensive computing infrastructure
  • Green data centers and energy solutions
  • Intelligent modular data centers
  • New smart home solutions

Tailored Solutions and Collaboration with DITO

ZTE showcased its latest technologies and solutions specifically designed to meet the needs of DITO Telecommunity. This collaboration aims to elevate the brand value of both companies.

DITO’s Success and Future Goals

Mr. Rodolfo Santiago, Chief Technology Officer of DITO Telecommunity, delivered a keynote speech highlighting the achievements of their partnership with ZTE. He expressed gratitude for DITO’s recent recognition as the number one mobile network in the Philippines, crediting part of this success to their collaboration with ZTE.

DITO Telecommunity remains committed to shaping the future of intelligence and connectivity in the Philippines, aiming to revolutionize how Filipinos live, work, and interact. They believe achieving this goal is possible through continued collaboration with ZTE Philippines and its cutting-edge solutions.

Looking Forward: Boundless Opportunities

Both companies see boundless opportunities for future collaboration. Mr. Santiago emphasized the potential of leveraging advancements to deliver seamless connectivity to DITO subscribers. He believes this partnership will unlock new possibilities for Filipinos.

DITO also expressed its desire to work with ZTE in building a network that offers “seamless and intelligent connectivity” to everyone, regardless of location or background. This network will empower Filipinos and enrich their lives in the digital age.

ZTE’s Commitment to the Philippines

Driven by innovation and a focus on customer satisfaction, ZTE remains committed to shaping the future of telecommunications in the Philippines. Through advanced technologies, strategic partnerships like the one with DITO, and exceptional service, ZTE will continue to enhance the digital life experience for Filipinos.