EZ Shop Accelerates Growth of Online Shopping Business with Globe Business

EZ Shop Accelerates Growth of Online Shopping Business with Globe Business

As customers continue to head online and grow their appetite for e-commerce, EZ Shop, the popular online and home TV shopping network in the Philippines, revs up its digital adoption with Globe Business’ ChatGenie and Direct Internet, to support its expansion as Filipinos continue to “add to cart”. 

“Our partnership with Globe Business helped us realize that digital transformation is critical to MSMEs like us. With the right knowledge, technology, digital tools and partner, we can improve our influence and engagements with our customers,” said Princess Silva, EZ Shop General Manager.

To keep up with the rapidly changing functions of social media, which has now morphed into a convenient tool for shopping and in-app purchases, EZ Shop subscribed to ChatGenie for them to connect and sell to their customers through platforms that they’re already using.

ChatGenie is a multi-channel commerce platform that helps businesses sell inside the world’s biggest apps. By providing a seamless ordering experience to customers on Facebook Messenger, Instagram, Viber, GLife and other social media apps, ChatGenie helps increase conversion rates to up to 27% by selling 6 times more compared to other eCommerce channels.

With the help of the platform, EZ Shop was able to streamline the process of selling through their online stores on Facebook and Instagram, among its other social media pages.

“The unified dashboard provided by ChatGenie makes everything easy to manage, from our inventory, display products, automated deliveries to payment options and sales reports. It has really helped the company a lot to catch up on its digital adoption and keep up with other businesses,” added Silva.

EZ Shop’s head office is powered by Globe Business’ Direct Internet. With Direct Internet, the company saw an increase in the efficiency of its operations and end-to-end transactions with their clients. Moreover, it became easier and faster to communicate with all their branches nationwide because the main office is connected through DI which guarantees 99.8% uptime, keeping their business running without delays.

“As a trusted partner and enabler of MSMEs, Globe Business gives them the ability to respond to change and thrive in a rapidly evolving economic landscape through our reliable and innovative products and services,” said KD Dizon, Head of Globe Business MSME Group. 

To ensure tuloy-tuloy na success for these entrepreneurs, “we have built digital solutions for MSMEs according to their needs and pain points to accelerate them and future-proof their business,” according to Dizon.Learn more about ChatGenie and how it can help you boost your sales and improve your business operations at https://www.globe.com.ph/business/sme/solutions/chatgenie.html. Visit https://www.ezshop.asia/ or Facebook Page EZShop Asia for your health, beauty, skin and hair care needs.