Food Meets Art at Tastesetter’s Gastronomic Artistry

Food Meets Art at Tastesetter’s Gastronomic Artistry

Tastesetters, a company passionate about shaping the food and beverage industry, recently held a grand event at the Yuchengco Museum to celebrate culinary creativity and innovation. The event, aptly themed “Gastronomic Artistry,” brought together industry experts and enthusiasts for an evening of insightful discussions, delectable dishes, and inspiring art exhibits.

Guests were treated to a delightful culinary journey with a degustation, meticulously prepared by renowned chefs Sonny Mariano and Wado Siman.. These dishes, sure left a mark on my taste buds. They didn’t just look good, they taste really good. The artistry didn’t sacrifice the taste of any of the dishes, it added texture and redefined the dining experience.

For starters we were introduced to a reconstructed Tokwa’t Baboy and a Benguet Corn chawanmushi. Tokwa’t babot was given the lumpia treatment as it was bagnet, chilles, onion, wrapped in tofu skin, then fried and glazed in chipotle soy. It was taste of things to come.

After the appetizer, I really thought that it was a tough dish to follow. It would take something explosive to pull it off. Then lo and behold, they served the Balamban Lechon Baboy.

The dish was inspired by Balamban, Cebu’s popular liempo dish. It was served with baked potatoes, roasted garlic seasoned with Old Bay Seasoning, and three sauces – including one made with Clara Olé Pineapple Jam, liver sauce, and burong mangga in local craft beer. As simple and easy as it may be, lechon is a hit or miss. It’s either good or bland. If this was the case, it was above expectation. It delivered.

Joining the table is the classic Chicken Inasal, this time, deboned and topped with crispy chicken skin. It’s not the usual grilled and dry inasal, this version is served with drippings as its sauce and drizzled with Alaminos longganisa crumbles to add flavor.

After the pork and chicken we now head on to the beefy side of things, the Bourguinon Style US Shortrib Kaldereta. It was nothing short of excellent and was presented in a three-layer plate rack with roasted garlic and onion, and mashed bukidnon sweet potato with roasted carrot. I am a huge fan of sweet potato, from as simple as boiled to as classic as kamote cue, to the intricate and special dish like this one.

Cutting through the richness of the meat courses, the Seafood Habhab is a welcome addition to the table. It’s a popular dish in Quezon that’s served in banana leaf, and then eaten as is without a spoon or fork. It’s topped with shrimp, squid, mussels and a serving of spiced vinegar to be drizzled on top of the pansit.

Another entry to the seafood category is the Adobong Pusit Adlai. Adlai rice is the healthiest rice I’ve eaten and is even healthier than brown rice. The dish was like a paella but not. It’s adlai,  prepared using the Clara Olé Pasta Negra Sauce then topped with rice crisps and burrata cheese.

Completing the lineup of gastronomic art is Kare Kareng Gulay. What makes it different is the absence of meat and that the sauce is not made from regular peanuts but from pili nuts and complemented with Jif Peanut Butter. It didn’t take away the classic kare-kare taste, with vegan bagoong.

The evening culminated in a much-anticipated awards ceremony, where Tastesetters recognized outstanding establishments in various categories.

2023 TasteSetters Victor Awards winners:

  • 🏆 Rookie and Upcoming – Mrs G CakeShop Corporation
  • 🏆 Operations and Efficiency –Binondo Food Group
  • 🏆Marketing and Promotions – Frankie’s New Wings
  • 🏆 Menu / Product Development – Philippines Seven Corporation
  • 🏆 Collaborator of the Year – Authenquick Foods Corporation

The event was a resounding success, solidifying Tastesetters’ position as a leader in shaping the Philippine food and beverage landscape. Stay tuned for exciting news on their upcoming events and discover the future of food!