Ginebra San Miguel Unveils New “Gin-Is-In” Ambassadors, Highlighting Gin’s Allure

Ginebra San Miguel Inc. (GSMI), the world’s leading gin producer, has handpicked captivating personalities to represent their latest “Gin-Is-In” campaign.

Jayson Luzadas, better known as Boss Toyo, a renowned rapper and host of the popular YouTube show “Pinoy Pawnstars,” joins Atty. Oliver Moeller, Cebu’s heartthrob lawyer, GMA Sparkle Talent, and content creator Mikee Quintos.

These exclusive new faces were unveiled during a vibrant World Gin Day celebration at Novotel Manila, attended by a select group of media representatives, social media stars, and existing brand ambassadors.

Celebrating 190 Years of “The Art of Gin”

The World Gin Day event served as a platform for GSMI to proudly showcase their 190-year legacy in gin-making, aptly christened “The Art of Gin.” This campaign, rooted in Ginebra’s long-standing tradition, aims to reignite consumer appreciation for gin’s unique qualities, emphasizing its “Cool, Clear, and Versatile” nature.

The venue showcased the art, history, and cultural heritage in an exhibit. Some of the art on display were sold at a live auction during the event headed by none other than, Boss Toyo. The Nike dunks went up as high as PHP 95,000. I learned a lot about Ginebra San Miguel that night. Here are some of the information that you might find interesting:

  • Recipe remains unchanged since 1834
  • Original bottle art, “Marca Demonio,” was designed by Fernando Amorsolo in 1917 and featured the Archangel Michael
  • First distillery in the Philippines (Destilerias Ayala Inc.)
  • Initially bottled in large 20- to 60-liter demijohns called “damajuanas,” Ginebra San Miguel became more accessible to the public when it transitioned to square bottles known as “frasco” or “cuatro cantos”

Cool Like Gin: The Allure of Heritage

Boss Toyo, known for his business featured on the popular YouTube show “Pinoy Pawnstars,” which showcases unique memorabilia, embodies the “Cool like Gin” aspect.

Atty. Oliver Moeller, a rising star in showbiz, understands the importance of clear communication when advocating for his legal, fitness, and sports interests as a public figure.

Clear Like Gin: Communication and Connection

He appreciates gin’s “Clear like Gin” characteristic, which not only refers to its transparent appearance but also to its ability to foster genuine connection and good times when shared with friends.

Versatile Like Gin: Embracing a Multifaceted Talent

b the “Versatile like Gin” message. Her ability to excel in various roles mirrors the endless possibilities of gin cocktails. No matter the day or mood, a perfect gin concoction is waiting to be discovered.

Welcoming New Personalities, Unforgettable Events

GSMI is thrilled to have these three captivating personalities join the brand as ambassadors for the “Gin-Is-In” campaign. Boss Toyo represents “Cool like Gin,” Atty. Oliver embodies “Clear like Gin,” and Mikee perfectly showcases “Versatile like Gin.” Their unique perspectives and experiences will help us reach a wider audience and promote the versatility and appeal of gin.

As part of the World Gin Day festivities, five exciting pocket events were scheduled across the Philippines, featuring music and games to create unforgettable experiences. Additionally, throughout June, we launched the “Gin-Is-In” promotions, offering exciting prizes for patrons who ordered featured gin drinks. This initiative not only celebrated gin’s prominent presence on World Gin Day but also encouraged consumers to explore the world of gin and discover their new favorite cocktail.