Golden Haven Cebu is the Ultimate Instaworthy Setting

Golden Haven Cebu is the Ultimate Instaworthy Setting

Since its establishment 38 years ago, Golden Haven has been known as the developer of the country’s most beautiful memorial parks. Combining elegant architecture with verdant greenery, all Golden Haven memorial parks live up to this aesthetically impeccable image.

However, one Golden Haven memorial park stands out as the most Instaworthy, a coveted status in this digital age when memories are not simply stored in one’s heart but also chronicled in social media.

Golden Haven Cebu, a mountaintop-sanctuary-inspired memorial property, is one such picturesque haven—all 13 hectares of it! Located on Binaliw Road just outside the city, the memorial park features manicured gardens and lush landscaping that harmonize with its Italian-inspired amenities like the Pope John Paul II Memorial Hill, the Koi Pond, and the Butterfly Garden Plaza, among others.

Attesting to Golden Haven Cebu’s exceptional features, the “Best Memorial Park Landscape Architectural Design” award was, in fact, bestowed on it in the recently held Philippine Property Awards. 

It’s not a surprise, then, that Golden Haven Cebu is fastly gaining popularity as a venue for prenuptial and pre-debut shoots, proving that the park is not just a tranquil resting place for the dearly departed—it is also a charming setting for recording happy milestones.

Cebu resident Kristine Sia, whose father is interred in the park, agrees, relating that she and her then fiance held their prenup shoot in Golden Haven Cebu. According to her, they chose the memorial park for its wonderful ambiance, which evokes everlasting peace and harmony. 

We also wanted to include my late father in the celebration of our momentous occasion, and acknowledge the big part he had in my life as my guiding light,” Kristine muses. 

Without doubt, Golden Haven’s pristine setting offers engaged couples the perfect backdrop for a celebration of love and life, and gives more meaning to the vow, “Till death do us part.”