Mcdodo Power Banks, Cables, and Other Accessories Now on Shopee

Mcdodo Power Banks, Cables, and Other Accessories Now on Shopee

Shopee 5.5 Brand Festival is coming in a few days and here are some items from Mcdodo that I recommend you add to your cart. Mcdodo is a Canada-based company that specializes in phone accessories like, cables, power banks, chargers, and even ring lights.

I got one of each of Mcdodo’s items a power bank, a charging cable, and a ring light.

The hummingbird power bank series complies with air carrying standards, meaning it can be carried/used inside an airplane. Although I make sure that I have my phone full charge before I board, so I won’t have to use a power bank while on the plane, but in case I would, I’m glad that what I have can be carried on the phone.

The power bank’s capacity is 10000mAh and it has two standard USB ports, a Type-C port, and a micro USB port. It also comes with a LED light indicators to help you determine the residual power when it’s charging or discharging. It can charge multiple items at the same time.

Design-wise, it looks plain, nothing fancy. It fits perfectly in one hand and small enough to be in your pocket, sometimes smaller than a smartphone itself. The photo above includes the next item on the list of must-haves on Shopee’s 5.5 Brand Festival the retractable 3-in-1 cable.

We all have multiple devices that we always bring wherever we go, a power bank, a smartphone, a bluetooth speaker, and many more. Imagine bringing a cable for each of them and having to roll and organize your cables too.

The retractable cable has a type-c, lightning, and a micro USB for charging but can only data via the lightning cable. The cable an stretch almost up to 4ft or 120cm, you have to pull both ends for it work you cant just pull one side of it.

The 10000 mAh hummingbird power bank is at PHP450 while the 3-in-2 retractable cable is only for PHP 350. You can also get an additional discount and a free gift 5.5 Shopee Brand Festival. Check out their Shopee page for more the list of products, prices, and promos –