realme Buds Q Unboxing and Initial Impressions

realme Buds Q Unboxing and Initial Impressions

Released with the realme 7 and 7 Pro is an addition to realme’s audio line up, the realme Buds Q. The line up includes realme Buds Air, realme Buds Wireless, realme Buds Air Neo, and now the realme Buds Q.

It took me some time to actually let go of wired earphones not because I’m sentimental reasons but because most phones require the use of a 3.5mm jack for the FM radio to work and I use it a lot during the commute.

Anyways, realme Buds Q comes with the iconic yellow box the buds already looks good in the photo.

Inside the box are the buds and the case, plus a short micro USB cable and extra ear tips to find your perfect fit because it sucks to have something stuck in your ear uncomfortably and it also the better the fit, the better the sound you’ll get.

Now let’s talk about the design. The buds were designed by José Lévy who is a designer from Hermès. The case is pebble-shaped which is really smooth, perfectly curved. To be exact it was 145° on the top, 168° on the bottom, and 120° both sideways. The realme branding on top looks sleek as well.

Inside the case are the earbuds which have a beak-like extended ergonomic shape. Both earbuds have touch controls ( play/pause, next track, etc.). The case is light, easy to carry, and fits your pockets well. My only concern is that I find it hard opening it with one hand.

If you’re using a realme phone, it automatically comes with the realme Link app to manage your connected devices. (realme band, buds, buds neo, etc.) If not, you can download it from the Google App Store. Pairing it is pretty easy. Once paired, it automatically connects when opened.

Once paired, it automatically connects when opened. For an affordable TWS the audio quality is good. It may not satisfy most audiophiles because it lacks bass, and doesn’t have tuning options via the app, but overall it’s still satisfactory.

The realme Buds Q has is the best looking TWS in its class and probably the best sound quality as well ( I have yet to test others.). Here are its top features:

  • 20-hr playback
  • 119ms super low latency
  • touch controls
  • 4.5 hour single playback
  • IPX4