Sennheiser Shares Their Expertise at The Sound Forum

Sennheiser Shares Their Expertise at The Sound Forum

The evolution of audio or music formats started with vinyl (which is becoming popular again), then the cassette tapes. In the 90s came the compact discs which then lead to the most popular audio format, the mp3. In the age of social media, music streaming is where everybody is at because music has become available to everyone, anywhere.All you need is a decent headphone or earphone. Out of the many design and features, how do you choose which one to get?

Leading German audio specialist, Sennheiser, has launched in the country The Sennheiser Sound Forum, a series of sustained educational events that offer insights founded upon the brand’s decades of expertise in audio. Five focus topics of consumer and prosumer audio will be covered:

  1. Selecting the right headphones for your lifestyle,
  2. Gaming trends in the Philippines,
  3. Selecting mics for audio-for-video applications,
  4. Caring for headphones and microphones, as well as
  5. A peek into 3D audio from the Sennheiser AMBEO program, in context of the growing demand for exceptional
    sound experiences.

Music affects us in so many ways. It has a lot of health benefit, reduces stress and anxiety, decreases pain, improves immune function, and aids memory. For work, it increases productivity at around 90% because it increases motivation and sets the mood. I actually listen to Christmas songs if I needed a little push, for inspiration.

The Sennheiser Sound Forum is a Sennheiser-owned initiative that renews our audio leadership efforts and commitment to our users. Since making its rounds in Indonesia and Thailand, this inaugural edition in Manila is a reflection and culmination of extensive product development and market research, staying true to our vision of pioneering the future of audio. We believe our latest headphones and microphones will blaze the trails for the audio industry in the Philippines,” says Martin Low, Managing Director of Sennheiser Asia.

The Sennheiser Sound Forum also discussed which earphone / headphone is recommended for certain situation or places, like home, travel, work, gaming, and others.

Vloggers are in for a treat as Sennheiser also showcased their line up of microphones that enhances audio because videos with poor sound and audio is bad as an article badly written.

In addition, the brand is announcing two winners of its four-month Sennheiser Sound Heroes campaign in the Philippines. The campaign follows 12 local creative personalities on a journey to discover new audio experiences with Sennheiser products, culminating with a trip to
Sennheiser’s headquarters and flagship stores in Germany.

These 12 personalities include singers/actors Khalil Ramos and Jay Gonzaga; radio DJs Dannie Farmer and Jazmin Reyes; lifestyle purveyors Cha Ocampo, Rhea Bue, Issa Pressman, Deegee Razon, and Ira Denise Oyco; vlogger Maqui Castelo; MC Marga Bermudez; and concert photographer Magic Liwanag.

As part of the campaign, Sennheiser also raffled off a chance for Filipino consumers to join the Sennheiser Sound Heroes in Germany. A winner from Cebu who purchased a Sennheiser PXC 550 Wireless travel headset is slated to travel to Germany this summer.

The engagement generated by The Sennheiser Sound Heroes 2017 campaign has taught us valuable insights about what the Filipino audio community wants in the country. By following through with the Sennheiser Sound Forum, we can maintain a discussion that will help us develop better products for audio enthusiasts in the Philippines,” said Martin Low, Managing Director of Sennheiser Asia.

The Sennheiser Sound Forum made me understand audio and I learned to appreciate the design, features and technicality of an earphone/headphone. I usually just buy whatever captures my attention or simply just use the one that came with the smartphone. Now, I learned to value quality.

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