TP-Link Archer AX12 – Initial Impression

TP-Link Archer AX12 – Initial Impression

As a work-from-home employee, stay-at-home dad, and house husband, my internet connection has to be at optimal performance in order not to miss deadlines, messages from my kids and teachers, video calls from my wife, and of course the latest episodes of my favorite streaming shows.

I’ve had issues with routers before and had PLDT come back and forth to fix things, and thankfully they did after a few months. Now that we moved to a new house, I want to update and improve my connection from across the room with a new one. We got TP-Link’s Archer AX12, and here’s my first impression:

Inside the box are just the power adapter, the manual, an Ethernet cable, and the router. Setting it up is also easy; just plug it into the power source and connect your router to the modem. You can scan the papers to download the app, or just look it up in the App Store or Google Play.

It has three (3) LAN ports and a WAN port that connects to your modem. The app is easy to use, although I may need help setting up the device through the app itself.

I couldn’t connect to the app, although I have already connected to it using the password, but the app won’t detect that I’m connected. There is something I’m missing here.

I’m connected to it as it shows on my WiFi status, and it automatically directs me to the router’s setup via the web. But the app still didn’t detect that I was connected. I’ll try to figure it out and give an update. As of the moment, my current download speed is 442 Mbps and 579 Mbps for uploads without using the TP-Link’s Archer AX12, I’m excited as to how my speed, latency, coverage, and consistency will improve once I set it up properly.

There wasn’t much of an initial impression, but I wish that I could run it properly so that I could officially test it. I’m looking forward to seeing how much of a difference Wi-Fi 6 technology brings to the table. It can achieve 1.5 Gbps and enable simultaneous communication with up to 128 devices without lag which will result in a better internet connection, faster download speeds, and a more convenient streaming experience.

So, stay with me and wait for my review of the TP-Link Archer AX12.