Get VIP Treatment in More Local Destinations with Visa Epic Experiences

Get VIP Treatment in More Local Destinations with Visa Epic Experiences

If you love to eat or travel, or better yet, eat and travel then you can enjoy a year-round perks and benefits at restaurants and destinations around the country with Visa’s Epic Experiences.

Now in its sixth year, both local and international Visa cardholders can enjoy bigger and more unforgettable experiences across the Philippines. Visa will include over 30 new dining and travel deals in favorite destinations such as Boracay, Palawan, Cebu, Batangas, and Baguio.

One of the key focus this year is to increase new dining and travel deals in areas outside of Metro Manila. Some of the newly added restaurants in the platform include Cichetti, Anni Restaurant, Dayun Lounge, and Uma Restaurant in Cebu, Forno Osteria and Indigo in Boracay, and Santis Delicatessen in Cavite.

The country’s most popular destinations are also open for getaways. The Farm in San Benito. The Manor in Baguio City, The Forest Lodge at Camp John Hay, El Nido Resorts Apulit Island, Misibis Bay, and Crimson in Boracay are some of the latest hotels and resorts opening their doors to join the Visa Epic Experiences platform.

Visa Epic Experiences has been a great way for our cardholders to enjoy life and experiences with their friends and family. We are looking forward to introducing more fantastic deals, so that local Filipinos and tourists can leverage these rewards and benefits being a Visa cardholder. Today, we see that dining and travel spend amongst Filipinos is increasing at close to 20 percent year-on-year, and are confident that growth will continue,” said Visa Country Manager for the Philippines & Guam, Dan Wolbert.

Expanding Visa Epic Experiences and increasing our outreach to include more partners in the right course of action for us,” notes Dan. “Businesses that are on this platform benefit greatly and have seen an increase in revenues and customers. Travel partners have seen close to 50 percent growth in transactions between 2017 and 2018 since they partnered with Visa.

Visa cardholders can enjoy these exclusive offers by presenting their Visa cards at any of the partner establishments. the offers are also available on Visa Digital concierge, where affluent Filipinos and international Visa cardholders can make travel and dining reservations through chat available on the app. Terms and conditions apply.