Elevate Your Events with 360 Selfie PH’s Awar-Winning Photo and Video Booths

Elevate Your Events with 360 Selfie PH’s Awar-Winning Photo and Video Booths

When you thought that the 360 Selfie SloMo and Holo Foto couldn’t get any better, 360 Selfie, the award-winning team behind these creative event content came up with a new concept inspired by the viral digital art museum in Japan – Teamlab Borderless.

Last June 12 at the MEGA Equality Ball, they introduced the new concept called the GlamShot Infinity Booth, the immersive and surreal experience was enjoyed by no less than today’s top celebrities and influencers.

Vern and Verniece Encisco in GlamShot Infinity Crystals

The GlamShot Infinity booth only requires 8 x 16ft floor space for the set up and the background scene are fully customizable depending on our event theme. Background scenes can be changed/replaced instantly.

360 Selfie PH recommends that you get at least two Glamshot Infinity booths for your events to accommodate your requests and also to have different backgrounds. Something your guests would love. The more guests takes a photo or video, the more mentions, your events get. Win-win right?

GlamShot Infinity offers over 6 Infinity environments to choose from and they can even customize an environment for you. If you want to customize it

Janeena Chan in GlamShot Infinity Crystals

360 Selfie PH has brought event photobooths into a different level. Booths with hats, toys, trinkets, are so ten years ago. So if you’re looking for that next big thing for your events, this is definitely something new!

For more details, check our their IG page: @360SelfiePH or their website, www.360SelfiePH.comH