Alomah’s Place – Organic Agriculture and Tourism Combined

For the second part of the Organic Agriculture Bukidnon Tour we went to Dahilayan, Manolo Fortich and spent a night at Alomah’s Place. Alomah’s Place is located around 50km from the city and only 2 km from the famous Dahilayan Forest Park.

Alomah's Place

The place is owned by the couple Benjohn Alombro and Grace Mahistrado which they acquired in 2008 and developed in 2012. We arrived at around 5PM and we didn’t have much time to tour around so I just took a few photos before we went to our cottages to fix our things and prepare for dinner.

Alomah's Place 01

Alomah's Place 02

There are four huts available and each can accommodate up to 4 people, but I believe they can do 6. The water comes from a natural spring and it’s freezing cold. There are tents outside for those who are feeling adventurous. You can bring your own or you can rent one of theirs. There is a dormitory available for students and training participants, an event place and a bigger hut with 5 tents upstairs. An overnight stay at the hut costs P2500 4-6/pax, the tent is at P500 2 Pax and you can bring your own tent and pay only 150/head or use the dormitory which has 10 double deck beds and it only costs P300/head.

Alomah's Place 07

Alomah's Place 08

I am really impressed with how a two hectare land was transformed in to a farm, a tourist spot, camp site and a training site for those who want to learn more about organic agriculture. Alomah’s Place promotes recycling thru utilization of scrap materials and making it useful. The pavements you see all around the place were part of the roads that were demolished for repairs. Glass bottles and plastic bottles were also put to good use.

Alomah's Place 06

Alomah's Place 04

Alomah's Place 09

After a few photos and a bit of rest we went inside our huts and prepare for dinner.

Alomah's Place 10

During dinner we were able to get to know the couple behind this amazing farm. They got married just right after graduation which gave them the drive work hard at an early stage of their married life. They finally got to save enough money to buy a land to farm and develop. They save money and invest in farming and spends wisely. They never went to a mall because it isn’t necessary, they only go to one if they are to participate in a trade show and to eat at popular restaurants to find out which vegetable or herb are in demand. They loan to invest, they bough cows, chicken and other livestock.

Alomah's Place 12

Benjohn Alombre was invited by ATI to train about farm tourism and organic farming for 14 days. Mr. Alombre declined and insists that if he was to train, it has to be the both of them otherwise he will waste time and effort in convincing his wife on what he learned, they need to have the same mindset. ATI agreed and the rest is history.

Alomah's Place 13

Currently the farm helps exposing marginal farmers to new opportunities, edible landscaping, and a model tourist spot. After dinner, we had a few songs and tomorrow we tour the farm.


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