BEEFFALO by Hot Rocks

BEEFFALO by Hot Rocks

Adding a delectable treat to the many reasons to visit Antipolo City is the home of delicious everyday comfort food is BEEFFALO By Hot Rocks. Located at the heart of M.L. Quezon Avenue in Antipolo City, a culinary gem that is waiting to be discovered. Beeffalo is right across Antipolo Doctor’s Hospital in case you suffer food coma after eating.


Beeffalo is owned and managed by husband and wife – . Mrs. Louie and Girlie Abad together with their friend Ms. Caren Diaz. The idea of starting up a restaurant business came about when Mr and Mrs Abad thought of cooking instead of eating at restaurants. With five kids, they have very limited budget to spend on eating out. Because of the food they serve, friends and other relatives started eating at their place which actually cost them more than they eating out. That’s when they decided to make a business out of it.

Beffalo 14

The first branch was inside a second-hand car store in Pasig, Autocamp. They served a lot of guests including popular personalities in showbiz and politics who raved about their steak. Enough about history and let’s start talking about gastronomy.

For starters I got myself the Seafood Chowder, while others got the Broccoli Cheese Soup. There’s no competition, both are creamy and tasty enough to warm up your palate.

Beffalo 13

Adding some greens on the menu are the salads and the BBQ Taco Salad has the perfect mix greens and reds. The tacos, the ground beef and the barbecue sauce were a choice of twist to the salad.

Beffalo 3

Beeffalo also has super thin pizzas that brings out the flavor of the toppings and dressing. The Three Cheese Pizza and the Margarita are good choices, it’s light but full of flavors. That’s what I like about thin pizzas, it’s more focused on the flavor and not much on the dough.

Beffalo 2

Beffalo 1

Visitors also rave about Beeffalo’s Sweet & Spicy and Glazed Beeffalo wings with Blue Cheese Dip. The spice level of the wings are still tolerable on my level probably because there’s more than just spiciness, it has flavor too.

Beffalo 5

You can’t go wrong on a full rack Baby Back Ribs. It’s tender and falls off the bone perfect with their own barbecue and sauce and Java rice. Their Java riced isn’t just colored yellow, it tastes good. The full rack can be eaten by three or four, or just you alone because if I can do it, you can too!

Beffalo 9

My favorite among all that was served was the Sizzling Beef Ribs. It reminded me of the sizzling singang of another restaurant. It’s an awesome take on a Filipino classic favorite. I can have two of these in one sitting.

Beffalo 8

Now the steaks. The Porterhouse Steak and the T-Bone both worthy of being part of the menu. Served with creamy mashed potato – real potatoes. You can have them cooked any way you want it, some want it well-done, some medium-rare, I want mine extra-large.

Beffalo 7

Beffalo 6

A new addition to the menu are the sandwiches. They are starting to introduce different sandwiches and burgers for customer who are on a rice diet or just want to have a quick meal. The Cheesesteak can be served either as a sandwich (ciabatta with fries) or wrap (tortilla with nachos). Sandwich is fine, but I prefer the wrap.

Beffalo 10

Grilled Cheese Sandwich with Tomato Soup is heaven in a plate. Melted cheese in a toasted bread served with hot and creamy tomato soup is the perfect comfort food.

Beffalo 11

For dessert they have the classic Brazos de Mercedes and the Dulce de Leche Cheese Cake.

Beffalo 12

Adding a bit of thrill on the table is the Barbecue Platter – a medley of Isaw, Tenga, and Bulaklak served with vinegar dipping.


Aside from the food, visitors are also mesmerized by the mishmash of old and classic decors. It’s like walking in to a museum of pop culture. old dial-up black table telephone, tin plates festooned on the walls, statues of ceramic reggae singers on the foreground. Even the misplaced fishing rods, surf boards, the cruiser bike perched just behind the counter, the vintage Vespa—all these memorabilia seem to give a glimpse of the owners’ own personal stories, based on family outdoor trips and fun-filled adventures.

We are now a destination for couples, families, groups and office workers who are in search of delicious yet affordable comfort food  in a homey and  airy ambience,” Louie enthused.

Beeffalo by Hot Rocks Antipolo
M.L. Quezon Ext. Antipolo City across Antipolo Doctors Hospital. Operating hours are Fridays and Saturdays  (11am to 12mn); Sundays to Thursdays (11am to 11 pm). For inquiries, call 534-1160

Beeffalo by Hot Rocks Marikina City
Mayor Gil Fernando Avenue, Marikina City.  Operating hours are Fridays and Saturdays  (11am to 12mn); Sundays to Thursdays (11am to 11 pm). For inquiries, call 0939113077.

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