Exploring Coco Farming at Buhian Diversified Farm

Exploring Coco Farming at Buhian Diversified Farm

It’s been a while since I last joined an Organic Agriculture tour. I remember going up the mountains of Benguet, Sagada, and in between Mt Banahaw and Mt Cristobal to visit organic farms and learn from them. This time I was fortunate to be invited again and to be available for the trip to Bukidnon. Bukidnon is known to be the where Del Monte and Dole’s large pineapple farm are located, but they’re not part of the trip (they’re not organic).

Upon arrival we had a quick trip to Initao, Misamis Oriental to meet the couple behind a successful Buhian Diversified Farm.

Buhian Diversified Farm

The farm is owned and managed by Con. Nemia Penita Buhian and Engr. Edgar Buhian who were awarded Outstanding Farmer of the Gawad Saka Awards in 2015. Managing 1.2 hectares of coconut land farm is a tough job but they make it look easy because it took them years to reach this stage.

Buhian Diversified Farm

Before the tour of the Buhian Diversified Farm we had lunch and a short briefing about the farm and what the farm offers. The farm consists of livestock integration, coconut-cacao nurseries and their coconut processing enterprises. They have exerted a lot of effort in studying and developing products out of coconuts which proved that they deserve the recognition.

Buhian Diversified Farm 1

Compared to the last farms that I visited the farms that we’ll be visiting are also called “Farm Business School” where in they accept agriculture students on OJT to be immersed to organic farming. I met some students who where from the top universities in the country. ATI is doing well in bridging the gap between the farmers, the students, and the eventually the market. Making organic agriculture a career. Buhian Diversified Farm is one of the learning sites that ATI appointed to help educate other farmers and teach students on the economical and environmental benefits of organic farming.

After lunch we started getting our shoes dirty by walking through the muddy path of the farm because it rained hard the night before.

Buhian Diversified Farm 2

The farm now has 49 tall coconut trees and 169 short ones. These coconut trees are used to make coconut jam, virgin coconut oil, coco sugar, coco bread, coco vinegar, and sweet delicacies. Nothing goes to waste as they are also in the business of copra and charcoal making. I hope they can grow Coco Martin on trees so that they can supply the women of their very own Coco Martin that they can cuddle because I can’t do it alone. I need help.

Buhian Diversified Farm 3

Buhian Diversified Farm 4

Buhian Diversified Farm uses EMAS or Effective Microorganism Activated Solution to organically provide nutrients and nourish the soil. The farm also contains livestock with chickens, swines, ducks, turkeys and a bee farm. With all the farm animals around there is hardly no foul smell and there is less flies flying around because of their method of farming.

Buhian Diversified Farm 5

Buhian Diversified Farm 6

The farm also includes high value crops like Chinese pechay, lettuce,bell pepper, ginger, cherry tomato, eggplant, and Florida Oyster Mushroom which I first encountered in our trip to Bangkong Kahoy.

Buhian Diversified Farm 8

The Buhain couple proves that the tree of life does not only provide food, water and shelter, it also provides a sustainable income. The Buhian Diversified Farm aims to enhance and implement sustainable organic agriculture and climate change mitigation. They are not only helping themselves, but they also inspire others to do the same.

Buhian Diversified Farm 9

Buhian Diversified Farm is located at P-9, Poblacion, Initao, Misaims Oriental. Aside from their vegetable and coco products, they also offer training on Capacity Building on Organic Livestock Production and Management, Coconut Product Processing, and Farm Tours. You may get in touch with the Farm Owner Nemia Penita Buhian through 0905-5616655. You may also email them at ednepethcoconuts@yahoo.com or look for them on Facebook, Nemia Penita A Buhian.

From more information on Organic Farming and to visit the different ATI assisted learning sites, you may through ATI Regional Training Center. Call 982AGRI (982-2474) for Metro Manila or 1-800-10-982AGRI (1-800-10-9822474) for provincial toll-free calls using PLDT landlines

You can also send them a text message. For Smart and Talk & Text Subscribers, send to 391-DA (391-32). Non-Smart can send a message to 0920-946AGRI (0920-9462474).

More Photos – Buhian Diversified Farm, Poblacion Initao, Misamis Oriental

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