Tech Rockstars Tackle Experience at DigiCon 2018

Tech Rockstars Tackle Experience at DigiCon 2018

In 2016, the first DigiCon introduced the Power of X wherein digital, mobile and e-commerce all met and discussed the lates in the digital ecosystem. In 2017, DigiCon DX (Digital Transformation) was all about building the culture of transformation in the digital world which I was able to attend. This year, Digicon will be all about experience – The Experience Economy.

“Everything’s an experience now. Brands can no longer depend on just the face of their products and services,” shares IMMAP President Ken Lingan, who also serves as the Country Manager of Google Philippines. “Now, it’s about how brands make customers feel. It’s about creating memories about your brand.”

Set on October 3-5, 2018 at the Philippine International Convention Center (PICC), DigiCon 2018 will explore the dynamics between brands and consumers in what’s called The Experience Economy:

  1. User Experience (design, technology, interactions)
  2. Customer Experience (commerce, customer analytics, loyalty/CRM)
  3. Brand Experience (creatives, branding, communications)

Experience takes center stage at DigiCon 2018 by with two additional programs Start Up – Match Up wherein a dedicated room is set up for start ups and investors meet up speed dating style. The Speakeasy room is where in attendees get to build their network by meeting people in the same industry. A mini bar is set up so that they can discuss things over a bottle of beer, a glass of wine or a soda can.

There’s actually going to be a debate as well and the topic will  be “Are Influencers Really Effective?” which is a timely topic because of the rise of influencers everybody now wants to be one. My opinion is that the effectivity of the influencers depend on how you use them in your marketing strategy. It’s a long discussion so I’ll leave it up to the experts.

Leading the international roster of speakers is marketing guru Bozoma St. John, one of the world’s most prominent women in tech. Her work has been crucial for the success of companies like Uber and Apple Music, both of which now enjoy massive support all over the world. She is the new CMO of entertainment conglomerate Endeavor, where she lends her magic to various brands in sports, events, media, and fashion.

This year is the biggest in the history of the annual event, spearheaded by the Internet and Mobile Marketing Association of the Philippines (IMMAP). Aside from Bozoma St. John, other speakers include:

  • Asher Rapkin of Facebook;
  • Shaifali Nathan of Google;
  • Hosi Simon of VICE Media;
  • Samuel Burke of CNN; TP Pura of Sephora;
  • Chris Tran of RIOT Games;
  • Michael Patent of Culture Group;
  • Tuomas Peltoniemi of TBWA;
  • Sanchit Sanga of Mindshare;
  • Malcolm Koh of Zendesk;
  • Ted Kilian of Fjord;
  • Prashant Kumar of Entropia;
  • Andrew Yeoh of IKEA;
  • Avis Easteal of Luxasia;
  • Peachy Pacquing of The Just League;
  • Ben Poole of Reprise;
  • Carlo Ople of PLDT;
  • Anubhav Nayyar of Viber;
  • Greta Corke of Honestbee;
  • Arvinder Gujral of Twitter;
  • Wendy Hogan of Oracle;
  • KK Kumar of Waze;
  • Pablo Gomez of Kantar;
  • Myke Santos of Lego.

A total of 65 speakers will share knowledge across three sub-themes: Brand Experience (BX), User Experience (UX), and Customer Experience (UX). Aside from discussions on current issues and trends, there will also be practical workshops, interactive trade exhibits, and various opportunities for expanding one’s professional network. The event will culminate with this year’s Boomerang Awards, a showcase of the country’s best works in digital.

“As technology shifts power from brands to consumers, businesses need to understand the importance of creating an impression through meaningful experiences,” shares IMMAP Vice President Dennis Perez. “Through DigiCon 2018, we wish to keep the Philippine brands up to par with the world’s best.”

DigiCon 2018 is open to brands, marketers, publishers, and all followers of tech. For more information visit, follow @immap.digicon on Facebook, or email