Discovering Tagaytay Highlands

Discovering Tagaytay Highlands

Over the years, Tagaytay Highlands has become an ideal mountain hideaway. Only a few kilometers away from the Metro Manila but its beauty takes you away farther than that. A serene mountaintop sanctuary that delivers the clouds at arm’s reach.

Tagaytay Highlands

A lot of great and amazing things can be said about Tagaytay Highlands and I was just fortunate enough to be able to experience all the positive adjectives that they say about the place. I honestly don’t have any idea of what’s inside the private community, I only know about the cable cars, nothing more. It was like a blind date, but with a leisure property.

As we were introduced at the entrance, Tagaytay Highlands was already at her best. Her curvy downhill drive from the entrance reminded me of Baguio, but greener. She was not much of a talker, but the sky in her eyes and the greens in her heart was more than enough to keep me interested. Then I saw her smile. It’s was like the sun was smiling back at her.

Highlands (1)

I found myself staring at her beauty more than I should be on first dates. Then I wonder, can she be just another pretty face? Little did I know that behind her green heart lies an adventurous spirit. She loves to play golf, she swims a lot, she’s into ATVs, trains, and cable cars, and she has a passion for taking care of animals. An ideal partner to Forever. Tagaytay has two exclusive and world-class golf courses one in the Highlands and another in the Midlands.

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I forgot to mention that Tagaytay Highlands is divided into three, The Highlands (360 hectares), The Midlands (670 hectares) and The Greenlands (260 hectares), that’s a total of 1290 hectares. I don’t know how to play golf, so we moved along and rode the cable car to our next destination. I was both excited and scared because I’m afraid of heights, just a glimpse of the ground floor from the second floor freightens me. I just fixed my eyes on the wonderful view that she has to offer.

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The cable car ride was just about 10 minutes or less, it was a short memorable experience, and I’d gladly try it again. The cable car brought us to a small zoo where her animals are being taken care of.

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Her animal farm is a sanctuary of around 20 or more species of animals. The photos below are the ones that I had the chance to get closer with, touch, feed, and cuddle, except for the huge python below.

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There were also eagles and hawks, an orangutan, an ostrich, and fishes. The animals gave us the relaxation we needed in preparation for the next activity, a rough ATV ride. It was the most challenging ATV ride I have ever experienced. Uphill, downhill, curved, muddy, rough, narrow, and steep course. I felt my adrenalin rising to a dangerous as I tried so hard not to get carried away and ride safely through the whole course.

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The one thing that must not be missed is the train ride. If there’s something that is to be on top of your list when you get to visit Tagaytay Highlands, it’s this ride. This ride can take you from the Highlands to Greenlands in a few heart beats. The descent was probably around 2,000 feet and it felt higher than that because it was steep inclined or sharply angled as if there was going to be a loop during the ride.

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It was a faster and more exciting way to travel down to Greenlands. After all the adventures, and activities that we did it’s just fitting that we reward ourselves with a dip in her pool.

Tagaytay Highlands (225 of 423)

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There are two places to swim, the one below is at the clubhouse. The cold Tagaytay breeze didn’t stop me from diving in and have fun swimming while watching the cable cars pass by waving at the people inside as if we know each other.

Tagaytay Highlands (270 of 423)

Tagaytay Highlands (269 of 423)

There really is much more to love about Tagaytay Highlands aside from her looks. The  adventures, the thrill, and the fun experiences exceeded my expectation by miles. I love every inch of her 1290 hectares property.

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This is actually the first of three posts that I will have about Tagaytay Highlands. The next post will tackle the residential houses, condos, and other properties; the third will be about the food, so stay tuned!

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