Nostalgia at Estancia Summer Toy Fest

Nostalgia at Estancia Summer Toy Fest

The toys I used to play with when I was a kid was a lot different from what kids have now. They are actually a lot more expensive than 30 years ago. Also, toys today targeting the older market, the collectors.

Last weekend I got to see a lot of them at the Estancia Summer Toy Fest. The toys that I grew up with and toys that collectors look for.

The first kiosk that caught my attention were the toys from my generation. There really is a different feeling when you get to see the toys you wanted to have when you were a kid. I remembered all the toys and I still remember feelings that it gave me. The smile on my face when I finally completed a hero (arms, head, body, legs). It was difficult because you can’t choose the parts, it’s random. I sometimes get five right legs before I get the left leg.

There’s also the “tau-tauhan”, which we either shoot with our pellet guns or play “tatsing” with neighbors. The “teks” which is a series of comic panels that tells the story of a movie that is to be shown, a spoiler actually.

At the other kiosk I saw toys from Jollibee. I remember my brothers and I owned one of each of the ninja turtles. Mine was Donatello.

There’s so much stories to tell with each toy. The event was at the bridge near Alba Restaurant. Across it was an area where people were competing with their Tamiya. I used to own one when I was in college and I also competed in our neighborhood and won. I gave away the toy away already, I should have kept it.

There were tons of toys to see, I really had to control myself because I might spend more than I am supposed to. You we we’re young, our parents gets mad at us for wanting to buy toys. Today, it’s our wives that we have to deal with.

This LEGO Optimus Prime is what I wanted to buy but I might get kicked off to Cybertron if I do. I’d rather stay in Earth.

Just as I was about to leave, I saw these cool Avengers: Endgame LEGO set also with the atomized version. I also saw Thanos walking around looking for them.

It was nice to see the toys, and it’ll be nicer if you owned them. I’m happy that I was able to go back in time even just a few hours. I will come back again when it happens and I’ll bring along my kids with me. I’ll save some money too, who knows what I might find next.

Thanks Estancia Summe Toy Fest.