Fight Hungerlings and Win Prizes from Snickers

Have you experienced changing into something else when hungry.  You become grumpy.  That’s the Hungerling taking over you.
Recently, bloggers meet at the Snickers Army Boot Camp  to discuss tactics on how to fight the hungerlings.
Top Secret Blogger Boot Camp
Based on what was discussed, there are two ways to get rid of the Hungerlings.
  • Print Augmented Reality marker from
  • Place marker in front of the webcam
  • Choose from a list of hungerlings
  • Eat as many SNICKERS chocolate bars as possible by moving your head

Using Virtual Reality
  • Upload your photo
  • Choose from a list of hungerlings
  • Eat as many SNICKERS chocolate bars as possible by using the arrow keys and spacebar on key board
Using a Keyboard
Prizes will be given based on the shortest time taken to grab enough SNICKERS bars to make the participant turn to his/her original face.
Snickers Hungerling Prizes
Prize Number of units for Augmented Reality (every 2 weeks) Number of units for those using keyboard/mouse (every 2 weeks) Cash value per unit
1st prize Sony Playstation 3 1 unit 1 unit PhP 20,000.00
2nd prize Netbook 1 unit 1 unit PhP 12,000.00
3rd to 5th prize G Shock watch 3 units 3 units PhP 5,000.00
Scores are separate for those who use the webcam and for those who use the keyboard.
  • A winner can only win once in the entire promo period.
  • Should there be ties in the 5 shortest completion times, Mars will determine the final winner by conducting a slogan-making contest among those who have tie scores.  The best slogan-writer/s as judged by Mars will be considered the winner/s
  • Participants are required to key in their basic personal details, including name, identification number (may be school ID number, SSS number, driver’s license number, or TIN number), mobile phone number, and email address when they register to enter the game.
  • 10 winners every 2 weeks will be chosen based on shortest time score.

What are you guys waiting for log on to and fight your hungerlings.


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