5 Things You Can Do On The freenet App Aside from Free Internet Access

5 Things You Can Do On The freenet App Aside from Free Internet Access

Freenet has enabled thousands of freenetizens to go online and browse the Internet without worrying about extra data charges. From shopping in Lazada’s Birthday Festival from April 25-28, to ordering your favorite McDo treats at the McDelivery website free of data charge, there are so many ways you can take advantage of freenet’s growing offers.

But did you know that there is so much more you can do now on the freenet app apart from allowing you to access your favorite apps and sites for free? Here is a quick low down of freenet’s added features and perks to help you take advantage of this truly rewarding app:

1. Redeem prepaid load

Call and text your friends and family with the prepaid load you can get just by completing missions on freenet. To do this, all you have to do is go online and visit select apps and sites under the missions tab for free or simply refer your friends to the freenet app. After completing these missions, you can already redeem load packages at the shop inside the app.

2. Surf beyond the app

Explore your favorite apps and sites even outside of freenet with Smart, Sun, TNT, and Globe data packages that you can also redeem from the the missions within the app. Now you can enjoy limitless possibilities online from your rewards from freenet!

3. Manage and maximize your data

Get the most out of the data packages you redeem on freenet by managing the apps that can access data on your mobile phone. By going to the ‘My Data’ tab on your freenet app, you can easily choose to enable or disable the apps that consume your mobile data. Now you can allot your mobile data to the things you enjoy doing like watching funny cat videos or listening to your morning commute playlist online.

4. Get gaming pins

You already know that you can access your favorite mobile games – Clash of Clans, Clash Royale and Mobile Legends, during the Netzee hour on your freenet app. But did you know that you can get gaming pins here too? Amp up your gaming experience by redeeming gaming pins on freenet. Complete in-app missions to earn points and redeem this reward on the freenet shop!

5. Enjoy special perks, get a chance to experience 24K magic live!

Get a chance to score exclusive tickets and watch Bruno Mars perform live on May 3 & 4 by registering to MVP Rewards to earn raffle points. Do this, absolutely free of data charge by accessing MVP Rewards on the freenet app.

Taking advantage of these rewards is free for all – no matter what your network provider is. So go ahead, experience the rewards of free internet, with freenet! Download the freenet app now at http://frnt.ph/android for Android and http://frnt.ph/ios for iOS and get the ultimate free internet experience!