Global Art Philippines Global Arts Competition 2017 Grand Champions

Global Art Philippines Global Arts Competition 2017 Grand Champions

Every year since its launch 9 years ago, Global Art Philippines pits its student against each other in a friendly national competition to further inspire them, giving them opportunities to boost their artistic talents. This year, the Global Arts Competition 2017 was held at the Function Room 2, SMX Aura, in Taguig last September 24, 2017.

There were a total of 195 budding artists aged 4 to 32 from other Global Arts campuses nationwide will showcase their artistic talents and skills working around this year’s theme: “My Dream City”. The Grand Champions for each age group and category will move forward to represent the Philippines to the Global Arts International Level Competition to be held in Kuala Lumpur on December this year.

“At Global Arts, we teach them not only to draw or paint but also to conceptualize or visualize a whole art composition. This is why we chose the theme My Dream City because we want our young artists to draw or paint what their ideal city or place would look like. It could be peaceful, pollution-free, or whatever they imagine it to be. Then they will express their imagination through painting and drawing,” said Yenny Saw, Global Arts Philippines Country Manager.

This year’s competition is divided into two main categories based on the medium used.

1. Creative Drawing: All of them will have to Draw and Color using color pencils, oil Pastel, or Poster Color Paint.

  • Segment A (students 4-6 years old)
  • Segment B (students 7-9 years old)
  • Segment C (students 10-13 years old)

What makes this year’s competition more exciting than the previous ones is that this time, we opened a painting Category,” Saw explained. “Instead of just watching kids draw using pastel, color pencil, poster color, or watercolor, there will be acrylic painting category for the first time.”

2. Painting:

  • Segment A (7-9 years old)
  • Segment B(10-12 years old)
  • Segment  C (13 years old and above)

Criteria for judging are as follows: Creativity – 40%; Drawing skills – 20%; Coloring techniques 20% and overall presentation 10%. A trophy plus cash prizes await the winners.

No one went home empty handed as each one of the participants wen home with a medal for participating and representing their Global Art Center branch. There were also medals given to the top artists from each category. Pampanga branch students took home most of the awards including a Grand Champion.

The Grand Champions for Creative Drawing are:

  • Benno Julian Sy Ang (Segment A)
  • Kirsten Mirielle Go (Segment B)
  • Reina Nagoshi (Segment C)
  • Hannah Ong (Segment D)

The Grand Champions for the Acrylic Painting Category are:

  • Francesca Arcilla (Segment 1)
  • Ashley Gomez (Segment 2)
  • Kelly Reese Martin (Segment 3)

“Art adds color to my life. Through it, I can express my thoughts and emotions louder than I can with my voice,” 13-year old Kelly Martin said. Her winning painting was inspired by Paris, her dream city. “We visited the place last summer and I was awed by its beauty and grandeur.

Like Kelly, 8-year-old Kirsten Go, also appreciates the benefits she gets from art lessons at Global Art. Her piece was an artwork of her dream city, Candy Land.

Francesca Arcilla, 9 years old, feels more confident about her art and style after winning at this year’s event: “Studying at Global Art taught me to use my imagination and appreciate the colors of life.”

Benno Ang and Reina Nagoshi are both exciting to compete at the International Level. “Art is just like writing stories,” Nagoshi mused. “And I’m going to prepare for it by constantly practicing what I love to do and that is, drawing.”

Hannah Ong, 13, knows that winning means a new set of challenges are underway but she is more determined than scared of these challenges. “The competition is an opportunity for me to be exposed and grow as an artist,” she said.

One of the main objectives of Global Art is to provide the environment where children can think creatively thru visual art as well as exploring and developing their talents.

After each competition, all students become more attentive during lessons, they are motivated to be and do better. They even start practicing more often so they could make it at next year’s national competition. So whether they are actual competitors or just cheering their classmates from the sidelines, they all benefit from the experience,” Saw explained.

Thus, more than determining who the best artists are and showcasing their talents, Global Arts Philippines holds this national art competition because it wants to empower children though art and evaluate what they have learned so far at Global Arts. As a school, Global Arts needs a goal to check on the progress of children when it comes to their passion in art.

We want our children to achieve and through this annual event, they are encouraged to step up their artistic skills. This competition is an avenue for that goal. This learning experience and opportunity for growth is something that, like their artistic talent, they can relive and remember for the rest of their lives.” Saw concluded.