GREE Aircon Showcases Latest Tech at PhilConstruct 2018

GREE Aircon Showcases Latest Tech at PhilConstruct 2018

As the temperature continues to rise and so are energy rates and consumption during summer, consumers look for energy-efficient and reliable air conditioners. There are so many brands to choose from, but only a few can live up to our needs. GREE Air Conditioners, a brand I recently encountered at the PhilConstruct 2018 event at the SMX Convention Center, have been supplying offices, high-rise condominiums, hotels, and homes with their air conditioning systems for over 15 years.

This event is organized by the Philippine Construction Association, Inc. (PCA), the leading organization in building and construction whose members are responsible for over 70% of all construction projects in the country.

GREE Air Conditioners originated in China and is distributed in the Philippines thru Filipina Climate Solutions. Although not as visible as other brands, GREE is a popular brand in the west including European countries. GREE has come up with ways to help consumers and businesses cut down on energy cost with their technology and made them more affordable than other leading brands.

One of the highlights of their booth was the GMV5 Home Series. It’s a DC Inverter Multi VRF System showcases a wide range of operation condition:

  • Auto Heat Recovery in Cooling
  • 3D Heat Supply Technology
  • All DC Inverter Technology
  • Intelligent Water Tank Defrosting Technology.

You can check out their website for more information about the GMV5 Technology.

The Crown series comes in two variants, the wall mounted and the floor standing. For large homes and offices, they have the I-Crown Series are both floor standing and around 5 foot in height. It comes with a two-stage inverter compressor, with powerful performance. The Crown II has a slender body, WiFi control, IFD dedusting technology, double-sided air discharge, eco wind function. These air conditioners produces 20% less noise compared to conventional aircons.

The U-Crown Series has metal wiredrawing appearance, two-stage compression, 1Hz inverter technology and IFD dedusting technology.

They also have window types and cassette type airconditioners displayed at their booth.

What caught my attention was the solar hybrid split type aircon. The solar panel will power your aircon to assure you that you won’t get shocked seeing your bill during summer. Earth-friendly, budget-friendly, and trendy.

Also check out their social media accounts (fb/GreeAirCon and @greeaircon on IG) for upcoming sale, giveaways and promos. They had a 60% off sale during the holiday season, a vacation package promo and for PhilConsruct, one visitor will get to take home a window type aircon.