Pizza-Rap Barkada Blowout with #GreenwichSagotKoNa

Pizza-Rap Barkada Blowout with #GreenwichSagotKoNa

I haven’t been in a Greenwich Pizza party for a long time and I almost forgot how great they were. Last night was reminded me of what I missed.

There was great hip-hop music and the event was hosted with the beautiful DJ of Magic 89.9, Bea Fabregas. There were also fun and games and I almost won on one of them.

There was also an rap off between Negatibo and Rhyma J. The event takes inspiration from the All-In Overload TV commercial featuring Greenwich barkada Yassi Pressman, Robi Domingo and Enrique Gil. The “SAGOT KO NA” revelry is packed with games, surprises, heart-pounding music and rap battles, dancing, and of course, All-In Overload pizzas – just the kind of party that all barkadas will enjoy.

The All-In Overload pizza is loaded with ham, pepperoni, burger crumbles, bacon, Italian sausage, and Spanish sausage, plus green bell peppers, pineapples, mushrooms, onions and cheese – that has an all-in flavor in one freshly-made crust!

This everything-on-it pizza tastes even better when it’s a “SAGOT KO NA” barkada blowout so you can share your blessings with your barkada.

With the “SAGOT KO NA” pizza party, Greenwich shows its utmost appreciation to its old and new barkada for choosing to make the brand a part of their lives, moments and memories.

Can’t get enough of the All-In Overload pizza? Call #5-55-55 or visit to satisfy your pizza and pasta cravings.