Huawei Freelace Pro Review – 24hrs of Awesome Listening Experience

Huawei Freelace Pro Review – 24hrs of Awesome Listening Experience

I have used the Huawei Freelace Pro for over a week now and here’s my review. I used to own the first version of Huawei’s sporty neckband-style wireless earphones. I said I used to because our dog chewed it and disable the right earphone. I still have it though.

The Huawei Freelace Pro is has a more sporty and tougher look than than in predecessor. The control stick is bigger and there are actual physical buttons which makes it easier to distinguish and to press unlike the Freelace which has buttons you can feel.

Huawei FreeLace Pro Specs and Features:

  • Total length: 862.4mm
  • Weight: 34 grams
  • Colors: Obsidian Black, Spruce Green, Dawn White
  • Speaker: 14.2mm moving coil
  • Battery: 150mAh (up to 24hrs and charges about 60 minutes)
  • Water and dust resistance: IP55
  • ANC: dual ANC, three microphones for call noise reduction
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth 5.0, USB-C

The Freelace Pro has a neckband design which simply hangs in like a necklace when not in use. The magnet at each of the earbuds is what keeps it in place. It comfortably rests on the neck while in use, it’s not distracting nor does it get in the way of when walking running, or any other activity. It stays firm and placed on the ear no matter how big your movements are. The length was just right and the flat design and material prevents it from being tangled.

The magnet at the back of the buds keeps it in place or intact when not in use, it also connects automatically to your phone when you separate the buds from each other. (Galing noh? It connects when separated. #SanaAll)

Although it looks heavy because of its bulky design, the earbuds itself light on the ear and does not feel heavy at all. The controls are easy to reach when needed and the buttons are easier to identify because of the button design. It just needs a bit of practice.

Now let’s head on to what it’s actually made for, an awesome audio experience. I’m no audiophile nor an expert in sound I just love music and watching videos on my phone and laptop. Since I regularly go to the office even during the pandemic, listening to music, podcasts, and sometimes watch videos keeps me company.

When commuting, you get a lot of noise and sometimes you want to focus on what’s being narrated on the podcast your listening to or enjoy the music. That’s when active noise-cancellation was handy. Just tap and hold the left earbud to activate ANC. It lets you enjoy your music even if the jeepney barker is shouting “Isa pa, isa pa. Kaunting usog lang, lalakad na. Quiapo! Quiapo!” The ANC also has an Awareness mode which allows you to hear ambient noise which is useful when you are listening to music and at the same time stay up to date to the latest office chismis.

When you tap and hold it activates noise-cancellation, tap and hold again and it goes on Awareness mode, tap and hold the third time to turns them off.

As a music lover, I love it when I get to dissect instruments when listening to a band especially on ANC mode on. I love it when it allows me to distinguish the bass, drums, piano, others and even the vocals especially on acoustic concerts (check out Nina Live!). I can play the guitar, and wants to learn how to play the drums so being able to listen to the song clearly was a pleasant surprise. It’s gets better when you activate noise-cancelling, but I don’t recommend it if you’re walking on the streets to avoid accidents. You better be aware of your surroundings and that’s where the Awareness mode of the active-noise-cancelling feature becomes handy aside from office chismis.

As for the battery life, it lives up to my daily grind. In paper it says that it can last up to 24 hours on a single charge which is true by the way. I use it a lot going to the office and back, listening to music while working and podcasts at night, and guess what, I only had to charge it twice for a week.

Unlike the Freebuds, I don’t need to carry a case around. I can charge it using its type C connector or even charge it directly to my P30 via it’s type C port.

What I like about the FreeLace Pro:

Although the Freelace has a simpler design, I like the Freelace Pro’s futuristic, active looking design. The thicker rubber necklace makes it sturdier. It has a great sound quality and the ANC, pumps up the listening experience. Battery life is also commendable. I prefer it over my FreeBuds 3.

Huawei FreeLace Pro review: Should you buy it?

I personally prefer the rugged-futuristic look over wireless buds. It’s wired but wireless still. It has great sound quality, battery life, and water and dust resistant all for only Php 4,499 versus TWS’s that are Php 7k and above. HUAWEI FreeLace Pro gets my approval. Go ahead, buy it. –