Unboxing HUAWEI’s Latest Wireless Headphones – Freelace Pro

Unboxing HUAWEI’s Latest Wireless Headphones – Freelace Pro

If you think HUAWEI is going to go all out on TWS with the Freebuds, then you’re wrong. HUAWEI just recently released an addition to the Freelace series, the Freelace Pro.

The Huawei Freelace Pro looks like a beefed up version Freelace, it’s bigger and tougher. What you’ll instantly notice is the ear tip design. I don’t know what it’s called but what it does secures it in place to prevent it from falling since the Freelace Pro is designed for people with an active lifestyle.

Inside the box, you’ll get two (2) additional sets of ear tips for fitting, a USB cable to use for charging, and a couple of documents. Comparing it to the previous version of the Freelace, it is indeed bigger and, in my opinion, a better overall design.

I didn’t notice I plugged it the wrong way. R should be facing the other side.

It weighs 34gms and the lace is at 33.9 inches long, which is just right for when placed over the neck. The lace itself is made from soft rubber material so that it doesn’t mess with whatever your wearing or your skin.

The right side is where the control panel is located. It only has three buttons – volume up, volume down, and a multi-feature play/pause button. Click once to play/pause or answer a call, click it twice for the next track, and triple click for the previous track. Press and hold for two (2) seconds to activate voice assistant or reject a call.

On the side are the power button and the led indicator. Press and hold for two (2) seconds to power on/off. Press and hold for four (4) seconds to pair with a device, which you can also do by directly plugging it into the phone’s type-c port. Doing that pairs, and charges the device.

You can also use the short cable that comes with it if you want t charge it. The Freelace Pro should last about 22hrs of playback, depending on the volume, and if the Active Noise Cancelling is turned on. A 5-minute charge can give you 5 hours of playback.

Another feature to take note of aside from Active Noise Cancellation is the IP55 rating which means it’s both water- and dust-resistant. Also as far as sound quality is concern, it has a bigger sound driver than HUAWEI’s flagship TWS, the Freebuds Pro (14.2mm vs 11mm).

That’s it for the unboxing, stay tuned for the review coming up next.