Our kids have been stuck at home for over two years now and being at home bores them to death. Aside from the usual gadgets to keep them entertained, HUAWEI released a watch that kids and parents will love. The HUAWEI WATCH KIDS 4 Pro. Don’t get me wrong, it isn’t a play thing. It’s more of a wrist nanny that kids will enjoy.

First of all, it has a sporty look which I honestly like, specially if I was a 5-year old again. I could play with it pretend that I’m a power ranger or something. It has a scratch resistant display that could withstand all jumping and tumbling during playtime. It’s also waterproof to up to 50 meters and the speaker can be easily drained with a click. I just wish that the strap or the case can be changed so that kids get excited with newer designs because today gets easily bored of the same thing over and over.

The AMOLED display is 1.41″ inch with 341 pixels per inch that automatically adjusts to fit different environments, whether they’re outside in the bright sunlight or in their rooms just before bedtime.

Before you can actually use it, it asks for a SIM card which will be used for the watch to contact parents or you to contact your kids. It also has theHaving said that, the watch has a cool emergency feature wherein you’l; get notified when your kid leaves your preset safe zone. If ever they feel lost, bothered, or scared, they can. call you with just a touch of a button.

It doesn’t have the usual bells and whistles that you’ll find in smart watches and fit watches, but it wouldn’t hurt to add a feature or two to teach the kids about health monitoring or how much sleep they get. It does have some light activity workout mode for kids like jump rope, swimming and sit-up activities.

The watch design also features a LED lights on both sides of the watch the lights up when they get a notification or just pressing the button if they need a bit of light in the dark while exploring.

The HUAWEI WATCH KIDS 4 Pro can last up to 2 days in one charge thru its magnetic USB port.

In summary the HUAWEI WATCH KIDS 4 Pro is probably the most advanced kids watch I’ve handled. It’s what I would call a wearable nanny keeping the kids safe, healthy, and entertained. It’s safety feature will give parents peace of mind and useful in real-life situations like in a crowded mall or in amusement parks where kids usually get lost. Aside from the safety features it has a couple of fun features too that is just for kids.

The Huawei Watch Kids 4 Pro originally retails for Php8,999 and comes in two colors: pink and blue.