Visit Magnum Manila Before It’s Too Late

It’s not usual to throw a party when you’re ending something that has won the hearts(and tummies) or many. As the saying goes, all great things must come to an end. Magnum Manila is nearing the close, but it still has a few sweets of its sleeve courtesy of Chef Miko Aspiras.


To date, Magnum Manila has used tons of chocolate, equivalent to 10 hectares of cocoa plantation.  Guests have enjoyed all these gastronomic selections while basking in the ambiance of Magnum Manila has become a global benchmark for Magnum pop-up stores around the world. In particular, other Southeast Asian pop-up stores have been patterned after Magnum Manila.

Thanks to the sleek modern interiors designed by Ed Calma, savoury dishes made by Chef Him Uy de Baron, and Belgian Chocolate creations of award-winning pastry Chef Miko Aspiras.

I’d like to focus on the desserts, and my favorite among the new desserts created by Chef Miko Aspiras’ wild imagination is the Crepe de Jour.


The Campfire  S’Mores.


Make My Heart Melt.


Magnum Popcorn, which I believe, is the most unique Magnum dessert creation by Chef Miko Aspiras. Popcorn, ice cream, and bacon – beat that!


To celebrate fifteen months of providing sweet pleasure, Chef Miko also created the Magnum Anniversary Cake.


It is not too late to be part of this special pop-up experience. Visit Magnum Manila at Skypark, Aura now and experience ultimate Belgian chocolate indulgence before the 26th of July. It’s #MagnumNowOrNever.

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