These Well-Loved Brands are Go-To Destinations for Marketing Freshies and Experts

These Well-Loved Brands are Go-To Destinations for Marketing Freshies and Experts

Working for brands like Oreo, Cadbury Dairy Milk, Toblerone, Cheez Whiz, and other favorite childhood snacks can bring wonder and excitement to a regular day at the office (or at home). At Mondelez Philippines, everyone can build these iconic brands for the next generation while accelerating their careers in the consumer goods industry. 

This goes true as Raf Baradas, Senior Brand Manager – Chocolates, admits, “Although there are many reasons why I chose Mondelez Philippines to grow my career as a marketing professional, one of the reasons is I’m a true consumer of the brands the company has; from growing up eating a Cheez Whiz sandwich for merienda to snacking on Oreo back in college, these brands have been a part of my life.”

But beyond all the nostalgic brands of Mondelez Philippines, employees take pride in their multinational snacking giant as their workplace. Its strong marketing reputation values professional and personal growth that trains its people. Attesting to Mondelez Philippines’ marketing expertise and rigor, Raf, continues, “We work in fast-paced environments where we must stay agile, collaborative, and analytical. Marketers are usually in the middle of the business who are constantly adapting to what the business and most importantly, what the consumers need.”

Working with the best in the industry and absorbing all their best practices is what many aspiring marketing leaders crave for, and it’s an experience Mondelez Philippines can offer. As per Raf, “Marketing is a challenging and fulfilling industry — from thinking on one’s feet to taking steps back to look at the bigger more long-term picture. It’s a vast responsibility that will grow you on both a personal and professional level.”

Raf’s success and love for marketing at Mondelez Philippines transcends the company’s proven success and processes. He attributes his growth in the Company because of its focus on putting consumers at the center by building brands with diverse talent and team members who are challenged to reach their maximum potential.

Mondelez Philippines places priority on ensuring that its community is a safe space that allows you to be your truest self and collaborate with a diverse set of brilliant minds. On working with the team in Mondelez Philippines, Gicelle Medina, Senior Marketing Manager – Meals, fondly shares, “The company is full of inspiring leaders and promising talents in their early careers that enable excellent brand building.  I appreciate the collaborative culture where the team is not only capable but also a group I respect and enjoy working with.  The success of our purposeful brands and impactful campaigns are a result of leaders that effectively guide and agile teams that make things happen.

Developing childhood-favorite branding, being mentored by industry professionals, and collaborating with an inclusive team are what Gicelle loves about life at Mondelez Philippines. Looking back at her almost four years well spent in the Company, she concludes, “I’m grateful to be part of an organization that has been integral in my professional growth and has seen me through personal growth as well.  Mondelez Philippines is a warm and supportive environment that allowed me to thrive as a marketing professional and also a first-time mom.”