Rapoo C260 Webcam Review:  The Better Alternative

Rapoo C260 Webcam Review: The Better Alternative

Video calls, virtual meetings, and online classes have been part of our day to day activities for over 7 months now. Many have invested in setting up their home office or classrooms. They bought computer tables, desks, and noise-canceling headsets. But because most of us bought a laptop which came with a camera, we didn’t bother getting a web cam.

A good webcam is also as important as your computer table or noise-canceling headset especially if you do a lot of meetings or work. Also, your kids would want to be well presented during online classes. One product you can check out is the Rapoo C260 webcam.

Rapoo C260 is a 1080P computer camera with a full high-definition lens and can intelligently adjust its frame rate and resolution according to the available light. It also has a built-in Omni-directional microphone for clearer audition during online meetings or classes.

You can place it on top of your display (laptop or a monitor) without worrying that it’ll fall off. Its unique design keeps it steady and fixed on top of your display.

You can also mount it on a tripod, if you don’t want it pointing directly at you. You can also rotate it at 360° to meet your needs, especially if you have a favorite angle. It can also be tilted up/down and left/right.

Rapoo C260 a 95° super wide-angle lens creates a more wide image for more viewing details. Which is perfect if you are demonstrating something on camera, or you want to show more background, or if you’re tired of having your face in full view.

On the left is the laptop camera and on the right is the Rapoo C260. Rapoo has less noise, wider and brighter. Although it has more contrast and shadows. But I’m sure it’ll be better when we’re well lit. Also, I look better I person.

Like most devices and third-party peripherals, Rapoo C260 is plug and play, no drivers required, compatible with most of the current operating systems. It worked both on my Mac and my wife’s Windows.

Like what I mentioned earlier, you should also invest on a better camera for your virtual meetings, or online classes. It’s on the best way to impress a client or be stand out during meetings.

Rapoo C260 is priced at Php 1300 -1600 online but you can get it cheaper somewhere in Lazada, just make sure you verify that it’s a legit seller.