Summer Must Haves You Can Find at Shopee to Up Your Instagram Game

Summer Must Haves You Can Find at Shopee to Up Your Instagram Game

Social media showed us beautiful places we’ve never even heard of that we can visit this summer. Some of them posts even includes how to get there, the places to visit, how much is the expected budget, and what to bring. Because of the scorching temperature outside and the traffic, going out to shop for summer essentials can be irritating. Thanks to the internet shopping can now be done at the comfort of your own fully air-conditioned room, and even while taking a bath if you have one of those water resistant phones or phone cases.

Since I love shopping at Shopee, I’ve listed my summer must haves that I was able to find at Shopee:

  1. Before anything else, you have to keep yourself protected with sun screen. the temperature is now averaging at 36-37 degrees and you will rarely find a shade in the beach unless you go indoor swimming. So have your skin covered with SafeProtect from Human Nature especially if you will be posing, and taking a lot of photos under the sun for your instagram.

2. You also have to protect your eyes from the sun rays, the “hipons”, and it also helps you conceal your eyes when you’re looking at things you aren’t supposed to be looking at. It’s also a great addition to your Instagram game. I suggest you get two or three colors so that you aren’t wearing the same eye wear on your Instagram feed.

3. This one’s #ForTheGram, an Giant Inflatable Unicorn Rainbow Pool Swim Float Ring (that’s one long name for an inflatable). It’s only less than a Php 1,000. Aside from keeping you afloat (which is it’s main purpose), it also makes a good prop for your Instagram. You can have different shots, different angles, group shots, or solo, just do it for the gram.

4.  The last on my list of great finds on Shopee is an action cam. This is if you want to up your game and post videos as well. Yi Action Cams are one the best action cameras around that aren’t as expensive as GoPro. Plus rumor has it that Yi will be acquiring GoPro.

So there you have it, my list of summer must haves that you can find in Shopee. There are plenty of other summer items you can buy at Shopee, including swimsuits, towels, travel bags, goggles, and a lot more. Just log in to or simply download the app at Google Play or App Store.

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